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Wedding Supplier Spotlight: Thomas Dixon Magic

During this quite frankly barmy period in the history of the world, we thought we would help distract you a little from the negative headlines and feature our brilliant suppliers. As you may know, our London Chosen Wedding Fair had to be postponed this Spring which was a huge disappointment. So what we want to do is look at some of the fabulous people behind our small business suppliers who would have been looking forward to meeting you all so much to help you get to know them and the wonderful work they can do for you - plus there might even be a cheeky exclusive offer or two for you as well!

Today we thought we would start with something fun and that add that little bit of sparkle to your "Blursday" - I don't know about you, but with the Lockdown we are completely lost with what the hell is going on when it comes to what day it is. For todays Wedding Supplier Spotlight, we're focusing on adding a little magic to your day with the hugely entertaining talents of Magician Thomas Dixon. We took a moment to catch up with Thomas to find out more about his service, what his passions are and to find out what he has been doing during "lockdown".

Firstly let's find out a bit more about you Thomas - why not tell us some fun facts about you, some passions on a personal level and what makes you tick.

I'm Thomas Dixon, I was born in Canada (Calgary) lived in Chile for around 25 years and now I'm a professional magician in London and love my job. One of my odd facts about me is that before being a full-time magician I was an electronic engineer working in O2 (Telefonica) in Chile. After working 2 years there I quit my job and moved to London to study in Hogwarts ;-).

If I'm not practising or studying magic you would find me listening to music from underground Trip-Hop, Rock, Metal to Jazz, Classical, Reggae or super chill music. Here is one of my most popular playlist on YouTube of Surf/Chill music, I hope you enjoy it! (Click HERE to chill out right now - it's a cracking list!)

I also love reading with particular interest in subjects such as philosophy, Zen Buddhism, Taoism, Stoicism or Psychology, Personal Development, Business, Entrepreneur or a novel or t2o. If you would ask me at any point I would be probably reading 3-4 books at that particular time - I can't get enough of them!

A Lover of the arts then, always great to hear! Moving on, why don't you tell our readers what it is that you do and why do you do it? What makes it so special to you?

I'm a close-up and stage magician. I mainly work in weddings, private parties and corporate events and I also love to perform to big crowds in a party or in a stage show! I love doing what I do because I get permission to play with my audience and have a lot of fun, surprising them and discover something new and exciting. My approach to magic is very playful and fun but I also love to create a very strong impact on my performances! I practice a lot before putting something out there for the people because I don't want to break the spell of the magic.

What I find super sad sometimes is how some people are afraid of participating in magic shows because they fear that the magician will make fun of them. I hate those performances! In my approach, I love to play and create a unique and safe environment with my audience making sure that everyone feels relaxed and they having fun. I mainly perform for adults and their inner child but also I love to get the kids involved with the adults and show them how they managed to create a miracle, It's truly something special to watch!

So if there are couples looking for entertainment during those down times throughout their big day what would you say your unique selling point is?

Honestly, I'm a great performer that appeals to all audiences - from kids to grown-ups to elder groups. Your guests will love hanging out with me, I'm very friendly and I know how to manage a huge group of men, mixed groups of kids or big families. I never make fun of anyone and my goal is to make everyone feel relax and have an amazing time! So after they see me, they feel uplifted and with a big smile, and the next day they will have some incredible memories to share with their friends!

What are the big upcoming trends you are noticing within your specialism and what are your take on these? Do you see any changes due to the COVID-19 crisis when it come to trends for future seasons?

Lots of magicians are doing online shows! Like myself, at the moment there are no shows available for the next months so myself and other colleagues are doing online shows (on Zoom) or on other online platforms including Facebook and Instagram. At the moment it is something that is keeping ourselves busy in this down time but it also is allowing us to try new material and showcase there talent to potential clients. It's about putting a smile on peoples faces during these testing times. Whether these will be popular once we return to a more calmer time in our time line this remains to be seen but for now it's a lot of fun to be involved with.

Here at Chosen Wedding Fair HQ we know just how important interaction is when it comes to choosing your wedding suppliers. I know when we got married we had so many questions and didn't know where to start so what are the most popular questions you get asked a lot and what is your response to these comments?

Why magic? Why would I have a magician? Is it going to be awkward? What would be the best time to have you?

Questions like these could be answered very easily if you think of how much there is to plan at a wedding! The invitations, the entertainment, the food, the guests, transitions, music, etc, etc, etc. And what if something gets delayed? Or if there is something missing or people are just waiting for the food?

Well, a magician is a great element to include to safeguard all this, we are the masters of misdirection. If there is a delay, we are there to cover you. if people are getting bored during the reception, we are there to entertain and make sure everyone is having a great time!

What I recommend to couples is to have magic during the wedding reception, it's the moment that the couple is taking photos and the guests are just waiting. So a magician is a great idea to mingle with your guests. But anyone can do the job! I've been doing hundreds of events and love to have fun with people. I'm very perceptive and never push your guests to do something that they feel uncomfortable, my job is to connect with your guests and make them the star of the show! Your guests will feel excited and engaged to see me there, they will look very carefully and fortunately, they won't see anything strange (lucky for me :P!), they will experience something unique and unforgettable!

What do you love about your role and what are the rewards?

I love having fun with people and my reward is to see people's smiles, laughs and how their eyes explode after they see the magic unfold.

Wedding planning can be hard work so what do you see as being some of the key worries in your profession. What interesting bits of advice would you give to a couple that they may want to consider doing (or not doing perhaps) to make things feel relaxed and go according to plan.

The best piece of advice I can give is to really think of the transitions of the day. From the ceremony to the drinks reception or from dinner to the party. These moments can often seem the most difficult ones to plan for. The questions that arise are what if something gets delayed? What are your guests going to do?

My answer is to think of activities or things to do. Magic is but one activity you could use to entertain your guests, but also photo booths are great fun as well. Things that are interactive definitely go down well so things such as garden games or Polaroid cameras can be a great idea as well.

It's always a better idea to overestimate you timings rather than underestimate. If the reception takes more than expected considering it a fact (add 15-20 minutes to the plan). And most importantly relax! Everyone is there to have a great time, and myself and everyone there is there to help you create a magical day :-).

We have touched on the dreaded "C" word already but what we want to know about is how you have changed or diversified your business during these "interesting" times. Are you offering new services? Are you able to continue along as you were?

Because of social distancing I'm offering private Zoom parties! If you have a party or want to connect with your friends with something fun to do as a group, let me know and we will create an amazing time ;-)

Also, I'm hosting an online show on Instagram/Facebook every other week on my social media, having friends from Chile, UK, Spain, Canada and other countries is a great way for me to connect with my friends and audience. These are usually held each Saturday evening, so if you fancy entertain yourself and your loved ones it would be lovely to have you come along and watch.

Finally are there any offers/products you would like to let all our readers know about that may help them save a penny or two during this period?

Absolutely! I'm now offering a 10% discount on all wedding bookings for 2021-2022. This offer is only exclusive for couples of Chosen Wedding Fair and expires on the end of June. Couples that would like to book they will only need a 50% booking to reserve their date. This offer is only exclusive for couples of Chosen Wedding Fair and expires on the 6th July 2020 with deposits being made before 7th August 2020. All they need to do is quote "CHOSEN10%" in any correspondence with me.

Why not take a few minutes to watch this great highlight reel of what Thomas can offer you on your special day and don't forget to enquire about his exclusive 10% off discount running till the end of June for your wedding day. You can check out Thomas and more of his work via the follow links below:

Visit Thomas's Website here:

Check out his Facebook feed:

And finally check in with the latest Instagram work here:

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