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Wedding Supplier Spotlight: Tasha Park Photography

Wedding photography – such a big part of the day, such a hard choice! With the number of fantastic photographers out there (including at Chosen!), choosing the perfect one for you can be a challenge, but in our experience photography is a very personal choice, and the key thing is that they are truly passionate and dedicated to what they do – just like the wonderful Tasha Park Photography, one of our fabulous Bristol exhibitors who is taking over our blog today to introduce you to her services! Over to you Tasha!

I am a photographer who specialises in capturing weddings and families – essentially people and moments are my speciality. I love what I do! I’m lucky enough to spend my days around happy people celebrating their love for each other! I enjoy taking my initial impression of a wedding day and carefully polishing and perfecting it in the edit before giving it to my couples, knowing they’ll enjoy them for generations. I enjoy constantly trying new things, learning new techniques and shooting new venues – my days are never the same.

I create images that feel natural and warm – nothing feels stiff, but then the images are not slapdash, each being delicately composed and edited to my (rather OCD) standards! I want to make everyone look amazing in every image. I love bright vibrant colour, funky compositions, high contrast black and whites, & close dreamy details.

I think couples want to have their wedding day reflected as thoroughly as possible – not just a straight up document of the day but a set of pictures that has them lost in those memories every time they look through their gallery. I also think that there has been a fashion for desaturated vintage feel images over the last few years which is very beautiful was not really my cup of tea, and my love of bright colour tends to mark me out as being a bit different.

Couples approaching me often have lots of questions – what should we do about group shots is a common one – how many, who and sometimes ‘are they necessary?’ How does the Photo Booth work? How are the final images provided/how long after the wedding are they received? 

You can take or leave any or all traditions – it is your wedding day to do exactly as you like with! Generally its nice to have a few posed group shots – immediate family, bridal party, groomsmen.. but I advocate keeping them minimal so you can spend more time enjoying yourself! I will be floating around so if anyone wants a posed photo they can ask me as and when throughout the day.

I provide a Photo Booth that is a fab way to both entertain and capture pictures of your evening guests. It is a portable studio – fabric backdrop, light and a box of silly props that is open and manned for around 2 hours. You can hire it separately but it is discounted if booked along with a wedding photography package (more info here) The final images are provided as high res digital files on a presentation USB. I also provide an online gallery for ease of sharing with friends and family. These will be provided 6 weeks after the wedding day.

One of the most challenging things about planning your wedding is the sheer amount of things to think about! From the venue to the suppliers to the food to the guestlist to where the guests are staying/what they are eating/how they will be entertained..! Thats why its great to have a resource like Chosen to take some of the stress away 😉

What I absolutely love about my job is that feeling when I have given a couple the link to their wedding photos and get their feedback. I put a lot of love and time into my work and when clients are kind enough to write me a lovely review it means the world to me!

The way the process works is that I’ll generally receive an initial email from a couple to see if I’m free on their date and ask a few questions about my service (unless we’ve met at a wedding fair, then we do this part in person!), I then suggest that we meet for a free consultation to get to know each other and have a good look through my portfolios. After that if they’d like to book there is a deposit to pay and a simple contract to sign. The couple has time to make sure my work and my personality is 100% up their street before they make a booking, and this is so important – you have to spend the whole of your very special day with your photographer and regardless of their work if you didn’t like their vibe it would be awful!

My advice for anybody planning their wedding is to give yourself plenty of time to relax and have fun! When planning your running order figure in ‘time for a drink and a chat’ – for many couples their day is so packed they don’t have time to stop and catch their breath! Also BE COMFORTABLE. If you love mermaid cut dresses and stilettos then fab, go for it BUT bring flats and a dress you can sit down in to change into for your reception. I wrote a blog piece about this here!

Fancy following Tasha and her latest work then pop over to the following platforms to keep up to date:

- Website:

- Facebook:

- Instagram: @tashaparkphotographer

You can chat to Tasha when she joins us for our Bristol Spring 2020 event taking place at the fantastic Paintworks Event Space on 23rd February 2020.

For more information on the event and to grab you tickets HERE

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