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Wedding Supplier Spotlight: Rosie Clayden Jewellery

Bejewelled and bedazzled!

Todays feature focuses on all things sparkly as we chat with jewellery maestro Rosie Clayden Jewellery Based in Brighton Rosie is a high end creative who crafts each piece with love. Today she chats to us all about her design process and what you can expect from the Journey. We also get to find out more about her new ranges including her new 'stacking' rings which fit perfectly together so you can check off both your engagement ring and wedding ring in one hit. Without further ado, let's find out more...

Hello, I am Rosie! The face behind Rosie Clayden Jewellery. I design and make hand crafted fine wedding and engagement jewellery. It’s my dream job and it brings me joy every day! When I am not making jewellery I’m gardening or at our shared allotment. I love to learn and watch things grow and observe the tiniest details in nature.

I also love to travel and visit new places. Last year my partner and I travelled to the Asturias, northwest Spain, where we hiked for a few days up in the mountains. A swift change in the weather saw us turning back as we found ourselves hiking through thick snow in the middle of June. Its fair to say we were ill-prepared but the experience was incredible and something i’ll never forget. Perhaps a little more planning next time!

I studied 3D Design & Craft at Brighton University where I had the opportunity to work with a range of materials including wood, plastic, ceramic and metal. After creating some terrible pieces of furniture and failing at making plastic from crab shells I decided that jewellery was for me. As soon as I gave it my all, it became clear that it was the right choice. A keen eye for detail and love of miniature things made the process of learning how to make jewellery so exciting for me.

My work is made on a very small scale by hand and with love and I often create one-of-a-kind pieces. The finesse and fine detail of my jewellery help it to stand out and I hand select each and every gemstone I work with. During this quality control I am not looking for the most perfect gemstones but stones with character that are full of ‘life’. I enjoy working with unusual and unconventional stones such as salt and pepper diamonds, parti-sapphires and more recently, laboratory grown diamonds.

A rise in the ethical consumer shows that people are taking more consideration in the purchases they make. As an independent business, I strive to be as eco aware as possible. I have seen a rise in laboratory grown diamonds and this is exciting because it's an area I want to explore.

The stacking ring trend is still going strong and I’ve noticed this applying to engagement and wedding ring jewellery too. Often customers will opt for three rings in total with a band to sit on either side of their engagement ring to achieve a more symmetrical and balanced look. I love this trend and it works well with the style of jewellery I make.

My advice is to not be afraid to go against the grain when it comes to choosing your wedding and engagement jewellery. The most important thing is that your jewellery reflects you.

Interaction usually begins with an enquiry through my website or a message via Instagram. Here I get to find out exactly what my customer is looking for. I love to see Pinterest boards or collected images because this can give me a good idea of the style and look the customer is hoping to achieve.

There are so many ways in which you can customise a piece of jewellery. The materials used, the style of the setting, the stone choice and the finish on the ring all play a part in representing the wearer as an individual.

I love being able to give my customers the opportunity to choose their own stone from a selection. This usually works by me sourcing a variety stones for the customer to view in person or via email.

After finalising the design and a deposit is made, I like to get stuck in by experimenting with silver and making prototypes. It’s a hands on approach that I’ve always preferred and allows me to learn along the way. Commissions typically take around 6 weeks but this can depend on the design. When the piece is finished it can either be collected in person or shipped via special delivery. Each ring comes with a beautiful valuation document which you can use to have your special piece of jewellery insured.

I love to meet my customers and get to know them. There are so many rewards but I would have to say receiving photos of my newly engaged customers beaming with joy and knowing that you've been a part of their journey is top of the list.

Wedding planning can be hard work and if you are still looking for suppliers for your special day, ask for recommendations! It’s likely that someone already supplying you with a product or service for your wedding may have some good recommendations for you. Alternatively, and if possible, hire an awesome wedding planner to do all of this hard work for you!

A top tip when it comes to your wedding rings is to have them made and ready well in advance in case any adjustments need to be made before your big day.

Thankfully, I have been able to continue to work over the past few months during the COVID-19 lockdown, although I have spent more time working from home like a lot of people in the UK.

This time at home has given me opportunity to re-evaluate my business and think about the impact I have and what I am responsible for. It's given me time to seek out some new suppliers in order to makes positive changes to the way I work. Some of these changes include switching to Fair-trade gold and offering my customers laboratory grown diamonds and gemstones. For me this is a huge step in the direction I want to take my business.

I have been adding some new and exciting jewellery items to my website over the past few months. These include some more colourful pieces which I have enjoyed making.

I am pleased to offer an exclusive 10% off to all Chosen Wedding Fair followers. To redeem this offer, please include 'CHOSEN10' in your enquiry or contact me directly quoting 'CHOSEN10'.

This offer is available until 31st September 2020.

Don’t forget to follow me here for updates:


Instagram: @rosie_clayden



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