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Wedding Supplier Spotlight: Ritz and Sass

Who says you accessories have to be run of the mill on your wedding today? Complete nonsense! If you want to go 'Extra' on your big day then why the hell shouldn't you is what we say!

For todays wedding supplier spotlight we welcome Mandy of Ritz and Sass to talk all about her amazing unique creations. Mandy specialises in creating one of a kind headpieces and jewellery that is fun of fun. Nothing is to big or too bold for Mandy - in fact the more colourful and creative the better. This is a must read for all your boho brides or anyone who might be have a festival style wedding this one is definitely for you!

Let's get started...

Firstly let's find out a bit more about you - why not tell us some fun facts about you and your life.

I have always been a crazy creative. My background is from attending art school, I then worked as a trained seamstress before working alongside jewellery designers to find my style and gift for making fun Accessories. Oh I forgot to mention that I am a mural artist as well, as you can see the list goes on :-) I live in the vibrant, eclectic hub of Brighton with my family - it truly is a wonderful inspirational place to create. I love the sea and water sports , we have a 2 year Newfoundland dog whose breed is known as a water rescue dog yet ours hates the water - such irony!!!!

What do you do and why do you do it? What makes it so special to you?

I set up Ritz and Sass just over a year ago now that focuses on making personalised headpieces and jewellery. I found that all my skills meant that I was best placed to produce some amazing accessories for all sorts of events. Sometimes I can get bored with repetitive work, so the individualised nature of each piece produced really appeals to me, hence why many of my pieces end up with such a unique look. I particularly like crocheting with soft wire and love experimenting using mixed media throughout my work. I use spun sterling silver for some of my jewelry and have also used spun gold as well. One of my favourite skills to implement is copying lace designs for headpieces and producing big statement jewellery pieces which are incredibly light and have a romantic look to them.

What is your unique selling point? and why do you think brides and grooms find this so special?

As my business is still relatively new, my style is constantly growing all the time and I think this changes as I grow in the business itself. I am particularly keen to be moving more into being sustainable within my business. The idea of reinventing treasured pieces from clients into a new inspiring piece to be loved and recycling pieces to something totally unique really excites me. Working with clients and their vision is my favourite thing to do. I really enjoy sourcing preloved jewellery after all who doesn't love a bit of shopping - well most people apart from my husband it seems - Haha!

What are the big upcoming trends you are noticing within your specialism and what are your takes on these?

I believe sustainability is becoming a huge factor and so many more people are moving in this direction which has to be good for us all in the end. The idea of repurposing a piece into a new piece really excites me from a creative point of view whilst being better for the environment. Rose gold and copper tones continue to a very popular trend and I see that continuing for a while yet as they are very flattering to all skin tones.

So say we wanted to get a piece made, what process would we be taken through?

Talking to clients personally is a must is an absolute must for any wedding industry supplier. Usually the client has seen a piece that piques their attention but it may not be their exact colour choose, so it will need additions or tweaks to make it just right for their look. I love clients to draw an idea, they certainly dont have to be any Van Gough but if I can see a simple visualisation of how they envisage the look they are after it gives us a great starting point. I like to see their dress or wedding outfit, especially it has any lace within it as I can replicate these patterns within the wirework or the crystals, beading or recycled pieces of jewellery to complement them and their attire. Making specific custom pieces does come with its challenges as people can’t see a finished product in their mind sometimes and some do struggle to explain their end goal but a lot of my work is based on trust so I offer updates to see how the piece is coming along to make sure they love it. For those whose are not after a bespoke piece I have a range of ready to buy pieces that they can purchase online.

What do you love about your role and what are the rewards?

I love challenges, famous last words ! Interaction between other wedding suppliers , helping to make the brides day the best it can ever be , each and every one is special and I usually cry when I see the photos! Quite often brides start with a very specific idea of there accessories but quite often like a wedding dress you end up with something very different to what you thought you wanted. Having made wedding dresses in the past I know this too well .

Wedding planning can be hard work so what piece of advice would tell anyone planning their big day?

Have the day that you want in your own way - don’t be swayed by anyone. If you want a purple dress and pink/green headpiece - go for it! There are no rights or wrongs as it's your memories you are making, make them memorable, make them you and your partners dream event. I want to enhance your day, work with you and your hairstylist to give you the wow factor you deserve - be it statement or minimal, working together is always a pleasure.

Obviously Covid-19 has effected businesses hugely at the moment and we just wondered what you have been up to during this time?

I have diversified over this unusual time to balance my time between my orders and helping the community. My seamstress skills have come back into play and my rather large stash of fabric has been put to great use! My husband is thrilled that the fabric pile is slowly diminishing from making scrubs bags for hospitals and fabric masks for community and mental health workers. I‘d also like to throw out a huge outpouring of love and respect to my daughter who is a carer in a nursing home - I am incredibly proud of her and all of our wonderful key workers during this time. Please know from the bottom of our hearts that we thank you for everything you are doing to help battle this virus!

I have decided that I want to offer a key worker who is getting married or just fancies something special to brighten up their day a little, the chance to have a bespoke head piece made. I am currently swamped with all my scrub bags and face masks being made but what I suggest is popping over and following me on Instagram and Facebook where details will be announced there soon once my sewing skills are required less.

I was so excited to have been accepted to join the London Chosen Wedding Fair at beginning of this year, but sadly as we all know that was not to be due to Covid-19. I love the enthusiasm of this industry and everyone in it. I think even more so now that all we need to work together and enjoy every moment along the way. I think stresses of wedding planning for people after this time will still be there but these will be with renewed with enthusiasm. Remember that Love wins and you will get married, be it just a little later than expected. Thank you, stay safe stay well but most of all stay happy everyone!

You can find more about Ritz and Sass via:

- Website:

- Instagram: @ritzandsass

- Facebook:

And don't forget to follow on her socials if you are a key worker to be in with the chance of getting that one of a kind accessory made for your dream day!

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