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Wedding Supplier Spotlight: Prop Photo Booths

So you have got everything of major concern ticked off from your planning list, now you can have a bit of fun and discover what optional extras you could add to your day to make it extra special.  Then may we be the first to recommend the folks over at PROP, specialising in personal photo and .gif booths – this is one addition all your guests are going to lap up.

We chat to Clare Gilbey to find out more about her and what the service involves…

Hi Clare let’s start by finding out a little bit more about you and your business, fire away….

So firstly a little bit about my loves, I am an avid golfer (I may not be great yet but I’m learning!). I am extremely gifted at beer pong and I am a converted cat lover – I used to hate them but after living with my boyfriend’s family and their 5 cats I am well and truly converted!

As for the business, here at PROP Photo booths we provide unique open-style photo booths and GIF booths. I love it because not only does it allow me to be creative, from making new backdrops to photo editing, but we also get to attend lots of weddings!

Our booths are handmade, from the camera tripod through to the backdrops, so our booths do not look like any other photo booths out there. We also spend a lot of time sourcing unusual props and creating new backdrops because we want to try and make sure our photo booths fit with the general style and feel of a wedding and are an attractive feature in themselves.

Seeing the couple have a fantastic time at the wedding is a joy for us. Weddings can be stressful so it’s always really rewarding when you see everything come together and the bride and groom relax and just enjoy themselves.

So how does the process work once you have chosen to book you service?

We always have a call with the couple when they get in touch so we can talk about their wedding and their plans for the venue and decoration. It helps us get to know them and also make sure we offer them the right service at the correct cost.Every wedding is unique and so I think couples want suppliers who reflect this uniqueness and create a wedding which really reflects their personal style. People often look towards added extras they would like to enhance there day and this is where we come into our own.

What sort of questions do you find that couples often ask you?

The main question we tend to get is around space restrictions. It’s important to think through exactly how much space you can give to a photo booth. Because our booths are open, they need much less space than a traditional booth but you still need to make sure there is enough space so guests aren’t tripping over the equipment.

Another common question we get is around timings and the best time to start and finish. We always recommend that you start the booth after dinner once everyone is relaxed and ready for a photo but you don’t want to have the booth going on too late as the photos tend to go downhill after a lot of wine!

Finally what top tips do you have for couples planning their big day?

Budgeting. Couples will often start off with a clear budget in mind but a lot of unexpected costs can pop up as you start planning so it’s difficult to stay within budget. However we always think that you shouldn’t scrimp on your wedding photographer! A professional photographer with a great portfolio may take up a chunk of your budget but it’s worth every single penny as these are the photos which you will treasure forever.

You can keep up to date with all things photobooth related at PROP's following channels:

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- Instagram: @propltd

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