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Wedding Supplier Spotlight: Origami Fox

Choosing you wedding stationery in our opinion can be one of the most fun things but some can find it a little bit daunting at time as sometimes it can be so difficult to know what to include. Wedding stationers who specialise in bespoke stationery suites are worth every penny as they not only help you come up with your dream design but also help you navigate what to remember to tell your guests.

Today we chat to stationery whizz kid Anna Muckhart of Origami Fox which focuses on fun, creative invitations for your big day with a twist. As the business name suggests the ancient Japanese technique of Origami is a key element of Anna's designs and what makes them stand out from the crowd.

So let's begin...

We think it's always nice to get to know the supplier behind the business a little so why not tell us a little about your life and passions Anna.

I am an absolute coffee addict - couldn't live without it! I have two Border Collies – both red, both massive – called Flash & Arrow. Flash is also 3-legged and I do Agility with Arrow. In my spare time I enjoy being active so lift weights (not in a scary way, just in a fitness way), mountain biking and hill-running. There's nothing better than going for a run or a dog walk in the rain so it's lucky that I love the weather, the good and bad – I live in Scotland so I think I have to! . and luckily

People describe me as an 'eternal learner' – I just can't get enough and I'm always looking to know more. I'm currently learning Japanese (speaking, reading and writing) and Japanese Woodblock Printing - It's so much fun but also meticulous so concentration is definitely required. My favourite film is Tron (the original) and finally I love graphic novels and Manga – I'm currently hooked on 'Deadman Wonderland'.

What do you do and why do you do it? What makes it so special to you?

So in a nutshell I create quirky wedding stationery with a story for couples who want to say more than 'I do'. My formats are also inspired by the Japanese art of folding - Origami. I've always loved paper and stationery, so turning this passion and my skills as a Graphic Designer into something I really love has been amazing. It allows me to be creative in a way that makes me happy and allows me to share that joy with the couples I work with, as well as their guests.

The stationery I create always has a story and is personalised to each couple. it's definitely a joint creation with my couples – they inspire the design and get to feed in all the way to create something unique and very 'them'.

So what's the process when it comes to starting the journey towards a bespoke stationery suite?

We'll have a chat, either in person or virtually, share & discuss ideas. I'll then create a visual, which the couple can feed in on and we'll go back & forth until they're happy. It's then off to print and production – several designs need to be hand finished and folded – and then they are checked & packed with love and delivered to the couple. Couples often come with ideas of what they would like, but they don't know how to do it. I tell them not to be inhibited with their ideas – it's my job to work out how to do it and probably the thing I love the most, problem solving!

Getting to work with amazing couples and create something awesome inspired by them, seeing it come to life and the joy it brings is so rewarding!

Whats your top tip(s) when it comes to people planning on what stationery to have for there big day?

In terms of invitation content, I always tell me couples, if you think you're going to be ask it, put it in! There's nothing worse than having to field a million questions in the run up to your wedding day so get as much as you can in your stationery suite. Wedding maps are also super handy to include as some of us don't have the best inner compass so it's a definite advantage to have it especially if your sat nav were to go wonky on the day, which believe me happens more often than people think and it's when you least want it to happen so having the map on the invite is super helpful.

Now it's time to talk about the dreaded 'Elephant in the Room' - COVID-19. What has been your business response to these crazy times we are currently living through?

During these weird times, my first priority has been supporting all my couples who have had to reschedule their day in any way I can. I've been creating Save our New Date cards for them for free and only asking them to cover production and delivery, where relevant.

Luckily I have been able to continue some of my works creating save the dates and invitations for couples getting married in 2021 and beyond, but bookings have definitely slowed as many couples have been unable to do any planning – visiting venues, meeting suppliers, etc. However it's actually ended up being a really good time to work on the business and expand my offerings - when you predominantly in the wedding industry other strings on your bow can often get neglected or overlooked somewhat so in times where you have to step back and get chance to look at this side of the business further it offers you time to become creative in new interesting ways.

I'm launching more Studio Collections and I'll be starting to offer workshops from July too! Ideal for Hen-do's or just if you want to get your friends together – virtually to start with but hopefully moving into physical workshops in the future. I've also launched a range of greeting cards and baby announcement cards. Outside of the business, I've been helping locally by shopping & running errands for those who are having to self-isolate. It's been lovely to be able to do something to help even in a small way and as the big retail outlets and high street opens again my message to readers is to continue to support our small businesses as these are the supplier that need your help and offer such a rich diversity to the UK as a whole.

Exclusive offer: 10% off everything for Chosen couples – use code: "CHOSEN" when getting in touch or at checkout online. Visit my website for more info and to get in touch:

This offer is expires on the 31st July 2020 so be quick!

I am also offering a brand new service -a Paper Flower Workshop: A 2hr workshop where you’ll learn a new paper skill, create something beautiful and have fun with your friends. Currently running as a virtual workshop, parties order the number of kits for their party (which I'll ship out to them) and select a date that suits them from my calendar. See my website for more info (link & images to come).

Don't forget to follow me on the following channels as well:


Instagram: @heyorigamifox


Finally I'll leave you with my favourite song lyric:

"I need you more than want you, And I want you for all time"

Wichita Lineman by Glen Campbell

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