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Wedding Supplier Spotlight: Luna & Sol Design Co.

Sustainability is the buzz word in weddings moving forward. Couples are becoming more conscious of the impact their wedding has on the environment and are looking for suppliers who really care about Mother Earth as well. One of the areas that could be considered difficult to adhere to this is Stationery. But this need not be the case. Enter Luna & Sol. Design Co. Cat and Chiara aim to produce pieces that are eco friendly and reduce the environmental impact their work mat be perceived to create. How you ask?

For todays spotlight we got to know the ladies behind the scenes and find out more about their process.

Let's Dive in...

Hello ladies, let's start this off today by finding out a few fun facts about each of you.

Cat: So the first thing to note is I'm the lead designer and creative direction for Luna & Sol Design Co. I find that I am always coming up with ideas anytime of the day whether it be during the day, night, shower or even toilet time. My brain literally won’t shut up. Fun fact: I married my best friend on the eve of the first lockdown 2020 at Hackney Town Hall. We vowed to plan a proper wedding after this but it still hasn’t happened (Gee I wonder why haha). When we have a house of our own, I’d like to have a cat and a dog at the same time, and force them to be friends lol Unpopular opinion by coffee makes my heart jump so I’m strictly a Tea person.

Chiara: I’m the creator of our website and I manage all of the e-commerce side of the biz. I am also the one with access to our bank account (mwah ha ha - insert devilish face here). I am a native Italian and the first time I came to London from Italy, I was 21 and I spoke very VERY little English. My fav holiday is a road trip. I love driving and discovering new places and I think you can get a better taste of the country you are visiting. Fun fact: I love stripes… 50% of my wardrobe is striped.

Oooohhh The tea verses Coffee battle - a bone of contention in our own house lol So what is it you offer?

Cat: We are an eco friendly invitation & stationery brand in London. We want to create without limitations, to allow our couples to not feel like they “have to” follow a mould because every couple will have a different story to tell. We incorporate modern design with handmade luxury. We want to give all waste a second chance to be reincarnated back into beautiful recycled paper. We break down our own rules to ensure zero waste practices and offer plantable wedding stationery.

Chiara: We love the environment and offer so many different options to couples. To help sustainability we offer:

- Sustainable approach to all weddings

- Seeded paper products that grows into plants

- We have a Zero waste range that folds itself back into an envelope so no extra materials are needed

- Our vast paper options include ranges made from waste such as cut grass, natural recycled fibres and denim! Bet you didn't expect that LOL

As we remember you set up just before COVID-19 was a thing so how has that been?

Cat: That's correct we launched 6 months before the pandemic. So that was a tad tricky to say the least. However it gave us more of an opportunity and time to network and get involved in the industry online. We have been involved in so many styled shoots and designed bespoke new collections to add to the portfolio that it's been a real help actually as we balance this between our full time jobs as well. We have met some great people and made great friends within the industry. We also diversified by creating seeded paper greeting cards, something which we hadn't originally planned on getting into but has been a great success. Think organic paper that grows into basil - that you can even customise!

Chiara: We plan on bringing some of our Christmas cards to you London show to give people an idea of what is possible. It's been 2 years now and we work so hard every day and night. But the rewards are wonderful and we're now addicted to our "baby". It's been great to watch the business grow form nothing to the known eco brand that it is today.

Oh I love that, Christmas hits the environment particularly hard so we are here for anything that helps cut back on waste. Moving on what are the big trends with wedding stationery that are making their way to the forefront at present?

Chiara: Die cut circle invitations: LOVE them for aesthetic reasons but it's a big no no for us due to wastage. The off cuts could be better designed to use as mini save the date cards to stick on your fridge maybe. But sadly most of these designs you see will result in a lot of wastage of materials.

What is the process from start to finish behind a bespoke Luna & Sol Design Co. suite?

Cat: Our customers approach us on through a variety of channels from our website, our Etsy shop and even directly through Instagram DM's. The first thing we need to know is when they are getting married so we can better prioritise the timeline to cater to them individually. Couples tend to come to us with general ideas of what they want but are always surprised at the design options that we present them during our "pitch" so to speak. We really enjoy giving them the surprise elements by pushing design boundaries. The more complex the suite is the more time we set aside for it. We send out recommended tasks and when to do them like when to send out "Save the Date" cards and when to set a deadline for replies, these little things help the process run much smoother. We've been so lucky to have amazing couples who are happy customers!

What are the highs and lows of your specialism?

Cat: The best experiences from our business is having clients staying in touch and even sending photos of the wedding day itself. It's quite rare couples send stuff like this to their stationers as most of our jobs is done prior to the wedding day itself. It means that we connected with them on another level other than just another vendor who supplied their paper goods

Chiara: The Horrors? There aren't really many but our advice to all international clients is - don't leave it to the last minute to order/book our service because no special powers can ever predict the transit times, custom clearances and disruption to postal services!

Goodness me of course, the dreaded issue of delivery through Brexit and a Pandemic has certainly put pressure on many businesses. So what are your top tips to couple getting married.

Chiara: SCREW TRADITION! Don’t do what you’re told to do. Do what you want to do. It’s your wedding after all!. Don't have to send save the date invites you don't want to! If you'd rather a digital fun video to send on whatsapp then we also have you covered!

Cat: Do your RSVPs early... it will be less of a headache for you and your stationer.

Moving forward flexibility will be the approach you need to get into your mind as COVID-19 has altered the way wedding are able to proceed, so it's best to take everything with a pinch of salt.

Amen to that! We can't wait to showcase your work at our London Chosen Wedding Fair taking place on 24th October 2021 at the stunning Islington Assembly Hall do you have anything you would like our couples to know?

Absolutely! We are so excited for the event, it's been a long time coming what with all the postponements due to lockdowns but we are happy to offer clients £20 OFF if they confirm their deposit before 1.1.2022 - an order deposit is 50% of the summary or £100 to start the design process. We will also be be launching our brand new collections and a secret project at the show - you will have to come along to discover more ;-)

To find out more about our London event click HERE - this event is timed entry and required a valid vaccine passport by the venue to enter more details on that can be found HERE. Grab your tickets today to save money on entree.

Also why not follow updates on:

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