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Wedding Supplier Spotlight: Love Lane London

Today's supplier spotlight is all about attire. Finding the perfect look for yourself on your special day is the most personal choice you will make. We always encourage you to follow your dream and not others and todays supplier couldn't agree more! We are welcoming up and coming brand Love Lane London. Their accessory designs are both contemporary and cute - the perfect blend if you ask us. We had a chat with couple Founders Gift and Paul Kendrick about their service and what's in the pipeline.

So wiithout further ado let's dive in...

Hello Gift and Paul, let's start this off today by finding out more about your story.

We are Gift and Paul, a London-based husband-and-wife partnership. Our business, Love Lane London, is a contemporary bridal accessories brand for romantic women who want to create unique and bespoke bridal ensembles.

Our love tale began when we met at a traffic-light party on Love Lane. We had two weddings, one in Bangkok and one in Oxfordshire, so we wanted to make each occasion feel special and unique. At the Bangkok wedding, we decorated the venue with images of us and our trips and served our favourite dishes. The flowers and decorations at the Oxfordshire wedding were all traffic light colours. Every wedding, we feel, should be fun and accurately reflect the couple's unique love story. As a result, we decided to launch a business that would help brides-to-be express their femininity and individuality through bridalwear. And that is how Love Lane London was born!

We are both dog lovers, and our little Shih Tzu, Lady Rosalind, is Love Lane London’s CEO (Canine Executive Officer). She supervises all meetings and often makes a cameo appearance on our Instagram account @lovelanebridal

Well Lady Rosalind is quite the Instastar isn't she?! So tell us, what is it you offer within the wedding industry?

We wanted to join the bridal industry as it is a great way to help people celebrate their love and a new chapter of their relationship. We want to help women make them feel beautiful and unique and truly shine for the special moments in their lives.

We help brides design a look to tell their individual love story with our assortment of bridal essentials and whimsical accessories. Our items are made in an East London studio to be loved, restyled, worn throughout the years, and passed down as cherished heirlooms.

Embellishment, fun, and femininity are at the heart of all Love Lane London pieces. We're all about versatile, gorgeous, wearable fabrics that make a real style statement. We give a bridal update to modern pieces to help you feel like yourself on your big day, just in a bridal version!

Our products are available in a variety of fabrics to reflect each bride's distinct personality. We have traditional tulle, sparkly sequins, embellished pearls, nostalgic lace, and the softest, most luxurious pure silk with our beautiful signature floral print.

In addition to styling the bride herself, our smaller accessories are ideal gifts for the bridal party and can be worn again after the big day.

We will be growing our collection soon, so be sure to follow our Instagram account @lovelanebridal to be the first to know!

We believe in a lifetime of love, and that weddings shouldn’t only be focused on the big day. Our products are versatile, making it easy to style them with different outfits for your engagement party, hen party, rehearsal dinner, wedding ceremony, wedding reception, afterparty, honeymoon, anniversaries, and other special occasions. What a wonderful way to revisit your favourite bridal memories!

As we remember you set up just before COVID-19 was a thing so how has that been?

At the beginning of March 2020, we were finalising our range of interchangeable bridalwear, ready for launch in summer. However, as lockdowns started and the outlook for weddings was uncertain, we decided to postpone our launch. It didn’t feel right to be excited about a new bridalwear brand when so many people were, sadly, having to cancel weddings.

As we were making re-usable fabric face masks for ourselves, we had the idea of making bridal facemasks too. We thought, why choose between safety and style when you can have both! This led us to focus on simpler accessories first - pieces that brides would wear in their everyday life, but we'd give them bridal twist. We had always intended to offer accessories alongside our bridalwear, but the pandemic gave us a nudge to focus on that first, introducing the rest of our range at a later date.

So after doing a complete turn around on the products we were creating, we launched Love Lane London in summer 2021 - joining the industry at a time when it was rebuilding and weddings were slowly starting to come back. It was a quiet launch; we didn’t have the big party we would have liked to plan, but like so many brides and grooms-to-be during 2020 and 2021, we were happy to reschedule and party accordingly at a later date!

It's great to hear that you were able to diversify and move with the challenges that launching a business during a pandemic has thrown at you and that you have been able to grow your business in new exciting way. Moving on what are the big trends within wedding accessories that are making their way to the forefront at present?

“The last thing you put on is the first thing people notice.”

We have noticed that many brides now choose to have minimalistic wedding dresses and express their styles through accessories instead. Long full veils have been worn as statement pieces for a while now, and capes are becoming very popular with spring, autumn, and winter brides.

We've seen that many brides are opting for simple wedding gowns and expressing their personal style through accessories. Long full veils continue to be the statement piece of choice for more traditional brides, and capes are becoming increasingly popular with fashionable brides in spring, autumn, and winter.

Florals are still a popular option, with traditional brides preferring lace and modern brides preferring print. This year, pearls have become extremely popular. We've had a lot of requests for pearl pieces to be featured in bridal editorial photoshoots. Sequins are still a popular choice for party-loving brides, and they're the first thing people notice when they visit our stand at wedding fairs.

The best thing about bridal accessories is that they can be kept as keepsakes. Most brides will never wear their dresses after the wedding, and some may not even keep them, but they can keep their accessories as a lovely memento of their special day.

What's your favourite part of the whole process and how does this generally work?

Meeting happy couples is our favourite thing about wedding fairs! Some brides have a definite idea of how they want their wedding outfits to look, while others have a difficult time deciding which bridal accessories to choose. When we speak with couples at wedding fairs, we try to learn a little about the bride's personality as well as the wedding. Knowing the venue, the size, and the theme of the wedding will allow us to help the bride complete her dream look. Wedding fairs also allow our customers to see our products, feel the quality of the fabrics, and try them. Brides love trying on our cathedral veils, which always draw the attention of everyone in the room! Couples can also talk to us about their plans and see how our products can fit into their visions.

There are a lot of things to think about and decisions to make when a bride is putting together her unique outfit. Brides often ask about how our accessories will go with the dress they already have, or how they could style different pieces to create a look for the entire bridal party. We encourage our brides to try on and play with different pieces; it's all about having fun and experimenting with different styles to find their own unique look! Some brides like the idea of our products but want to make little changes to make their dream wedding outfit a reality. We're excited to start offering customised services now as well!

For couples that can’t make it to bridal fairs, we offer all of our products on our website, so the bride can try on pieces from the comfort of her own home. We're always talking to brides via email and Instagram, helping them select best accessories to complete the dream outfits.

Weddings are beautiful celebrations of love filled with so much joy and hope for the future. It’s such an honour to play a small part in someone’s happily ever after, whether we’re a attending our friends’ weddings as part of the bridal party, as guests, or helping a bride complete her perfect wedding outfit. She'll be the star of the show, so it’s natural that she'll want to look and feel her best. We get giddy and excited every time a bride places an order on our website or tries on our products at a bridal show, and we start to imagine how gorgeous she will look on her wedding day. It’s our mission to help every bride have the wedding outfit of her dreams!

So what are your top tips to couple getting married.

When organising a wedding, there are so many things to think about, and the process will eventually become less enjoyable and more stressful. Keep in mind that your wedding day is a day to celebrate your unique love storey. It's perfectly fine if your ideal wedding doesn’t resemble those you see in magazines or Hollywood films. Your wedding day is the most important day of YOUR life, so make sure you do it YOUR way! When it comes to wedding dress shopping, we have a special advice for brides-to-be: try as many different combinations of dresses and accessories as possible. You never know what will work for you unless you try it, so mix and match, experiment, and have fun!

Amen to that! We can't wait to showcase your work at our London Chosen Wedding Fair taking place on 24th October 2021 at the stunning Islington Assembly Hall do you have anything you would like our couples to know?

We are so excited to see you at The Chosen Wedding Fair and get to know you and the ideas you have for your big day! If you would like to reach out to us in the meantime, please find us at: We can't wait to meet you at The Chosen Wedding Fair and learn more about your plans for your big day! If you want to reach out to us in the meantime, please contact us at: Website – Instagram - @lovelanebridal Facebook - Thank you! X

We can't wait for you to showcase your work once again at our London Chosen Wedding Fair taking place on 20th March 2022 at the stunning Islington Assembly Hall after venturing to our fab Bristol Event. Do you have anything you would like our couples to know?

We are so excited to see you at The Chosen Wedding Fair and get to know you and the ideas you have for your big day! If you would like to reach out to us in the meantime, please find us at: We can't wait to meet you at The Chosen Wedding Fair and learn more about your plans for your big day! We will also be offering big discounts off any item purchased at the event so don't miss out on a deal as we know every little bit helps when managing your budget.

To find out more about our London Fair happening this Sunday at Islington Assembly Hall 10.30 - 14.30, click HERE for more info - this event is timed entry and required a valid vaccine passport by the venue to enter more details on that can be found HERE. Grab your tickets today to save money on entree. Click HERE to save 20% on your tickets now (before the deadline of 11.30pm on Saturday 19th March).

If you want to reach out to us in the meantime, please contact us at:

Website –

Instagram - @lovelanebridal

Facebook -

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