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Wedding Supplier Spotlight: Jessie & the Bloom

Who else is craving the weather we had last summer? The days were so hot and stunning and personally I love being outside during those months as I find everything so much more inspirational.

I personally adore true beauty in the natural world this time of year and revel in the plants and flowers in full bloom – it a joy for all the senses from sight all the way through to smell! For wedding florists this is a manic time of year but offers up so many potential options for their couples.

For todays wedding supplier spotlight we chat to Jessie and the Bloom about all things floral and what she loves showcasing currently and her personal inspirations.

Can you tell us a little about what you do and what makes it so special for you?

I specialise in designing and creating floral arrangements for weddings and events and particularly enjoy creating ‘stop-you-in-your-tracks’ hanging installations for these occasions.

I love seeing all the elements coming together on the day and complimenting each other, from button holes and bridesmaids’ bouquets, to table centres and larger focal arrangements. The bride’s bouquet is always the most important piece and the bit that I enjoy planning and making the most as the bride will be looking at it all day and everyone will be looking at the bride so it’ll be the most viewed and talked about piece.

Any other interesting facts people may not know?

Although my business is called Jessie & The Bloom, my name is Karen, my business is named after our daughter Jessica. I often get called Jessie, in initial contacts but I don’t mind at all. I clearly like the name!

What else can I tell you, hmmm, I am a tea addict. It’s likely that I’ll drink at least two cups when I meet with you to talk about your wedding! And, I love a good chat about pretty much anything but especially about a good Netflix box set.

Do you have any particular influences that set you apart from other Florists and how are your couples attracted to what you offer?

I am drawn to woodlands, hedgerows and abundant gardens and am continually inspired by their natural beauty and wildness. I have an obsession for foliage, twigs and grasses, which form the base of many of my asymmetrical arrangements, and love bringing these to life by pairing them with the most eye-wateringly beautiful and seasonal blooms.

My style is a little unconventional and I think couples enjoy seeing something that is a little different. By listening to the vision that a couple has for their big day, I provide suggestions on how foliage and flowers can compliment and enhance the over all aesthetic and vibe of their special day.We often get together and they enjoy the ideas I come up with for hanging installations in particular.

Tell us a little about the process you go through with couples – how do you start? why do you feel that makes for a great partnership?

After receiving initial contact from a couple, I arrange an initial meeting to talk all things wedding and flowers. Then I produce a brief outline of ideas and a provisional quote. Once a couple has decided to go with me then I take a deposit and produce a full outline with images and payment dates. At this stage I like to talk to the bride on her own to get a feel for the style of dress she’s going to wear, what her bridesmaids are wearing, down to the food and drinks they will have on the day, as all the details have an impact on the overall style of the flowers too. I encourage couples to send me pictures of their inspiration and then I keep the colours and textures in mind when I produce my own unique designs. I think couples enjoy the personal experience they get with me and that I try and think about the event as a whole and how the flowers can enhance and compliment their style and personality.

So what’s the question you get asked on a regular basis?

If we have just foliage, is it cheaper?

Now we aren’t florists, but we are guessing it may not be that simple?

Sort of, but not really. Ultimately, the reason you engage a florist is to create the extra special details for your big day according to how you want everything to look and feel and to create something that goes beyond what you could make yourselves. Foliage is marginally cheaper than flowers (depending on the flowers you choose) but it depends which foliage you want and how you would like it to be arranged. If you want to create eye-grabbing bouquets, table centres or larger installations -which is how I like to use it – then you need plenty of wonderful greens to achieve the wow factor and the amount of planning, preparation, arranging and installing is the same whether you use flowers or foliage.

Whats piece(s) of advice you would give to all couples during the planning stages of their wedding?

I know for some couples it is very hard to resist the pressures from family members on certain elements of the wedding. However, this is ultimately YOUR day. Try, if possible, to make sure that you celebrate the way that you and your other half want to.

Logistics! I remember that it felt quite overwhelming deciding on details and planning when things would get delivered, how everything I’d chosen would work together, what would happen at what time etc etc. Having experienced caterers and providers really helps with all of that. Unless of course logistics is your thing, then you’ll love it!

You can find out more about Karen's latest work at the following channels:

- Website:

- Facebook:

- Instagram: @jessieandthebloom

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