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Wedding Supplier Spotlight: Ivy & Gold Studio

How are you finding it out there at present? Have you been able to plan your big day? Have plans had to change due to the current pandemic?

If it has, we are so sorry and sending you virtual hugs.

Today's supplier spotlight might be a little god send, as she will be able to take the stress of all the planning away from you letting you concentrate on life itself at present. Amy runs Ivy & Gold Studio which offers a variety of wedding specialities ranging from flowers, styling to full on on the day co-ordination. This will give you time to enjoy your day and not worry about every little detail. We are now going to pass things over to Amy to give you details about herself and her work.

Where do I begin to describe myself?

Honestly the first word that came into my head was 'CHEESE' - love a good wedge and a cracker! I love being outdoors, sand between my toes and the sea breeze in my face, looking up to the sky and watching the sunset or the stars sparkle, walking my dogs and hearing them snore (they are pugs after all), dancing in the kitchen with my incredible husband Tom.

But enough about me personally you are here to read what I do within the wedding industry, what you will want to know is that I offer many different elements for your big day.

Ivy & Gold Studio is a small bespoke planning, floristry and styling company. No matter the location or destination we curate each of our events based entirely on our hosts - nothing is ‘standard’ and everything is possible. With a small team of experienced stylists, artists and creatives, we cater for private and corporate events - to any budget and brief. From the full 'big picture' styling, floristry and decor as well as full planning I have got you covered so you can sit back and relax.The amount of services you need can be catered for personally from just a small element to the whole shebang! I am super flexible and love working with all kinds of different couples to create the perfect day depending on what they want from their special day

I love nothing more than to see other people's joy. I only do what I do because I love to bring joy and be part of something with meaning. I like to bring colour and passion to an event and ease stress by offering up my planning experience.

I become a part of the wedding as a friend and confident throughout no matter what service is being provided to them. In normal circumstances I always try to have a face to face meet and a hug! In current circumstances a good old zoom call has to suffice! I always want to get to know the people behind the wedding - who are they, where do they work and live, what makes them tick, what is most important to them for their wedding and what elements of life as a couple so far could be brought into the wedding to make the day more 'them'!? Personalisation and ensuring the wedding reflects their love and their passions is the most important part for me. From the foliage used in floral arrangements reminding them of their first date under an oak tree to the type of rose being used to remind them of a lost grandparent's rose garden. Every detail means something to me and this translates throughout planning. It's interesting to think about what trends are coming through for weddings and my role will take these additions and role with them. Personally I am seeing a surge particularly in 'old' flowers i.e. carnations, gerbera, gypsophelia - these flowers were seen to be un-glam and 'motorway service station flower vibes' but they have been given a bad rep are being used and seen more and more. The idea of single stems in various bottle and vases is a huge trend at present. Not only that but they are becoming pretty with the colours and types available and my opinion on these flowers has changed hugely! Whats the most rewarding part of my job? Oh that's simply, I love being able to make dreams become reality - the dream is BIG and the budget not always so so I love being able to find ways to make things happen in a realistic way. The reward for me is happiness... being part of something magic.

Now for the dreaded topic of COVID-19. To be honest with you the biggest fear has happened - having a virus spread the planet and having to have emotional and challenging conversations with every one of your clients multiple times. Wow that really takes it out of you when you are so emotionally invested! I would always advise being calm and methodical with planning - not everything can be planned at once and things must be planned in order logically and organically. So many couples make the mistake of getting stressed because they have put the pressure on themselves to plan their entire wedding immediately - it doesn't work like that and things happen as they are supposed to in a timeline leading up to the day. Trust your suppliers and venue to guide you and shout for support for them if you need it - we are a pretty friendly bunch!

In regards to what I have been up to this time boy have I been busy!!

I have been working on setting up a local food bank with local councillors and a set up a community project for flyering to neighbours right at the beginning of the lockdown with a flyer design relevant to our local area. I also set up a group of locals to support those in the community needing it! It was a very very busy time! Over the weeks of being involved in these projects I have had local councillors take the reigns a little, which was ideal for me as I needed to focus on earning as I don't get any help from the government so I started doing weekly bouquet deliveries - which has been a huge success and seen me gaining 2 new events from people impressed with their florals!

I have also just completed an event installation for 2 fashion brands at their head office as they are planning their event as an online press event but still need beautiful florals and incredible styling.

As a little exclusive I would love to offer any couples getting married and offer 10% discount on any services booked up until February 2021. Simply quote "CHOSEN10" in your initial enquiry through either my website, facebook or Instagram. To secure the offer deposits must be made by 29th February 2021.

I hope you find exactly what you are hoping for for your wedding day - don't be disheartened by this strange time we are going through together. Your wedding will be magic because your love is! I do hope I will have the opportunity to be a part of your day in some way and would absolutely love to create something incredible together for you. If you have any questions you would love to ask then do fire them across to me. Stay strong, be happy, dance in the kitchen, cuddle, sing silly songs, be together and focus on your love. xxx

Don't forget that exclusive offer of 10% discount of all services and to quote "CHOSEN10" with your enquiry and you can connect with Ivy and Gold Studio via:

- Website

- Facebook

- Instagram @ivyandgoldstudio

- Pinterest

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