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Wedding Supplier Spotlight: Hamish Irvine Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographers develop their styles over time and we absolutely adore todays featured photographer. Hamish Irvine is an upcoming creative who is going to knock your socks off with his candid approach whilst knowing how to use light perfectly.  His work at night time is outstanding and the way he captures all those dance floor moves is just killer! So why not take a read to find out more about his work and what makes him tick.

Hi Hamish let's start by finding a bit more about you and your passions.

I photograph weddings because I love getting to know a couple from start to finish, being involved and recording the story, and making precious seconds of life last forever. But all of that sounds well deep! I have so much fun photographing weddings! Capturing every one of those moments is exhilarating on the day, then afterwards feels so rewarding. It's a pretty unique and thrilling job to do.

I've got three loves in my life, that's jazz, travel and beer (I'll have to apologise to my girlfriend after this). If I can combine all three that's even better. I play sax, so jazz music's the soundtrack to my life. I have one weekend off a year where me and my pals will go to Love Supreme Jazz festival, listen to biblical amounts of jazz and get very drunk. I brew beer by the barrel and host large drinking parties on the regular. Well, now I sound like an alcoholic, I'm not, I just like partying haha. Hence wedding photography!

So what would you say is your personal USP for your clientele?

All my couples see me as a friend on the day. I meet with all my couples before the wedding to go for a drink, have a laugh and get to know you. I have a very personal approach to capturing a wedding, I want to know every detail and feel like a guest at your day. I'll love documenting your story, I'll be emotionally attached, and I'll record the moments and images that I know you'll love. I'm unique in saying I feel like I photograph a best friend's wedding every weekend!

I'm very passionate and enthusiastic. People say that comes across as soon as they meet me, and they reflect that energy when I'm working. But I always say, the images should speak for themselves. Hit up one of my most recent weddings on London HERE

Describe how the process of building the relationship with your couple begins.

I like to meet up for a drink and hang out, chat about all the details for the big day and have a laugh. I have a pre wedding shoot included in my package, that isn't daunting at all, they're always really fun to the surprise of most couples! By the wedding day you'll know what to expect, and you'll feel relaxed to let me crack on with my reportage style in the shadows and step in to swiftly and confidently direct when I need to.

What's the most common question you get asked about wedding photography?

I get asked how long I stay at a wedding a lot.  I have no time limit, I'm there from when the story starts till when it ends. I average 12-14 hours pre wedding, this way I don't miss a moment. I'll usually leave when everyone's just a little too drunk!

What do you find the most rewarding part of your job?

The process from first seeing the raw images on the wedding day on my computer, maybe sneakily posting one to Instagram whilst you're eating your mains! Then most of all, posting wedding photographs a day or two after the wedding. As every photographer will tell you, it's a real electric feeling delivering those precious photographs.

Any top tips you can give for planning a wedding?

I've never planned a wedding, but choosing suppliers I think is difficult. Shop around as much as you can. Don't go with the first option that comes to you. The wedding market's HUGE, and there's absolutely no shortage of creative suppliers with different approaches, prices and styles. However for all the great suppliers it is important to get them all booked in ASAP. If you know which suppliers you want, and you know they're good, chances are they're booked 1-2 years in advance. So get enquiring! I turn down so many weddings I wish I could shoot but can't because they left it a little too late. We photographers will be booking between 1-2 years in advance so it is something to keep in mind to avoid any disappointment.

Come along and meet Hamish at our London Autumn Chosen Wedding Fair on Sunday 6th October at Islington Assembly Hall where we are back for with our London Chosen Wedding Fair from 11-3.30pm. Entry £5 on the door.

You can keep up to date with all of Hamish's work at the following channels:

- Website:

- Facebook:

- Instagram: @hamish.irvine

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