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Wedding Supplier Spotlight: Good Dream Design

For todays Supplier spotlight we are shining our light upon your stationery and graphic designer Nur Bursali of Good Dream Design is here to help.

Here we let Nur take the reigns and talk to you a little bit about what her job involves, what goes on behind the scenes and vitally how she can help you create your dream wedding invitations. So without further ado we will pass you over to Nur....

I design unique and exceptional stylish wedding stationary such as wedding invitation, welcome sign, seating plan, save the date, table number / name, RSVP, thank you card etc. I want to present unforgettable details for all couples who are prepared for their special day and while doing this, my goal is to touch the dreams of the couples and catch the concept of the wedding in their dreams because I know that this is a very difficult process and I want them to get through this process the easiest.

I usually work with simplicity and minimalist lines in my designs. However, sometimes my customers want different designs or concepts, I work according to their wishes, I offer the opportunity to make the changes they want, I absolutely send digital evidence before printing and I prepare it completely for the person, which makes them feel special and safe, so they do not face any bad surprises that may occur on the special day.

My biggest passion in life is making sure I put everything in every task I complete and then thinking about how beautiful the result is. I have loved organising things since I was a kid. I was originally a healthcare professional, and now I'm a graphic designer. I think there is a very strong but invisible bond between the two, because you are closely involved with the emotions of people in both desires, and it is very important to empathise and understand what they are. Therefore, I use these feelings in order to understand my couples without losing them.

Stationery products that can be created with absolute simplicity and sometimes only with differences in font characters are very popular lately. At the same time, brides love the designs with flower and asymmetrical lines. They need to avoid designs that will shadow and confuse this beautiful day. There should also be harmony between all the details of the wedding. It should not be forgotten that the traces that this day will leave behind are memories and details.

When couples reach me via my Instagram account or via my website, I give them a kindly feedback. While some couples come up with a certain concept, others ask if I will make the designs they have seen for themselves. Some couples need some help in this regard. First of all, I ask what kind of a wedding they imagine, for example, do they want my country wedding or do they dream of a ceremony in the church, or a party with their closest friends and family? Then I ask for personal details (if not very private). If my customers want me to make a design from their fingerprints in their invitations, I make it suitable for them, or if they want me to add a photo of the place they first meet or details that will remind the place, I do for them. For all these details, I am communicating via e-mail or whatsapp. I keep in touch with all the details I need, such as the guest list, seating plan, event address and date. After everything is done, I send a digital sample, after full checks and approval, I send it to the printing house for printing, and I check all orders with great care and mail it to the address provided with a 1st class local postal company. If the couples want some changes, I do it unlimitedly and freely. Because I'm trying to make the result perfect for them. In order for everything to be prepared flawlessly and completely, I have to start working at least 1 month before. So what are the fees for all these services? If you ask. Of course, this is all about what you want because the quantity, quality and dimensions of the printing paper are the details that affect the cost. Before we start working on them, we need to talk to the couples in detail and come to an agreement.

It makes me feel so very happy that a couple trusts me on their special day and sincerely shares all their details, and it makes me feel lucky to think that I am part of it. Happy facial expressions after seeing my designs of my greatest reward couples. They say 'I dreamed exactly that' These feelings that I experience mean I am doing my job right and motivate me to continue.

Wedding preparations are stressful process, during this stage couples may have a hard time from time to time because they are busy thinking about all the details and organising. However, to ease these stressful times a little, they should choose the right suppliers. It should not be forgotten that these times are the beginning of their happiest moment and it is up to them to make it fun. By choosing the right suppliers, they can reduce their stress.

Since I have carry out all my works in a digital environment, my workflow has not changed since the pandemic started, but It did allow me time to develop my designs further. Of course I also had to make alterations for cancellations or postponed weddings, but these are not a problem, I revise all changes or new designs free of charge. I believe that as the world we will overcome this problem, we can do this by supporting each other.

I am going to be exhibiting at the London Chosen Wedding Fair on 24th October 2021 at Islington Assembly Hall and can't wait to talk to you about your special day. I will also be running a special 20% discount offer for all people who book me on the day - s heres your chance to save a penny - make sure you buy your tickets now to come and discover an amazing bunch of suppliers who want to help you create your dream day.

If you need more detailed information about what I have done and what to do, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am here for you and you can be sure that I will be happy to assist you. You can also follow me from the links below and see the details of my work.

Website :

Instagram : @gooddreamdesign

Facebook :

Etsy :

I hope we see you soon

Thank you


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