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Wedding Supplier Spotlight: Good Cake Day

Honestly I have been so excited to showcase today's wedding supplier spotlight as for me it focuses on one of the best things ever!


So many delicious options - the possibilities are endless, but I digress back to the cake, i mean case, in hand.

Today we are discussing all things wedding cake related with the fantastic Chinelo Awa of London based baking company Good Cake Day. We are going to look into all the points to consider during your cake planning journey and we will also be highlighting some fab new services Chinelo has come up with during Lockdown - one word - Brownies. Honestly if you have a sweet tooth like I do you will want to read below to find out more as well as discover a little offer or two to save yourself a pretty penny. Reckon my recent health kick may take a nosedive after this post though haha.

Welcome Chinelo - why don't you start by telling us a little bit about you and your business.

Excellent! So my name in Chinelo and I run Good Cake Day. In the wedding industry I make modern buttercream cakes and luxuriously indulgent brownies to create simply BLUSH moments. All the sweet treats - what's not to love :-)

My BLUSH method of design is what makes my wedding cakes different to other cake makers. BLUSH means beautiful, loved, unique, special and human. When a couple decide to work with me, I ask them to fill my BLUSH wedding questionnaire where the couple get to express what they find BLUSH about each other. I then use their responses, coupled with their wedding theme (if any) and pictures of the wedding venue to design cakes that are truly unique to them.

I love making people feel special and putting a smile on their faces and knowing this is there dream cake is pure magic!

In my personal life I love pretty things! lol I always find an excuse to add a bit of gold to my cakes and managed to create a whole range of brownies with gold etchings. If I were a power puff girl, I would be bubbles - a happy go lucky ray of sunshine but still tough on the inside. Oh and one day I'm going to own a cockapoo #lifegoal!

Talk us through the Good Cake Day client process.

It all starts with an initial email enquiry and then the following process occurs:

1. Firstly all couples complete the BLUSH wedding questionnaire which covers everything from the style of your weddings, colours, tastes as well as all the important logistal details i.e. venue, date, etc.

2. Wedding Cake Consultation (Optional) - Here you can chat through any must haves and delve deeper into the vision you have of your big day - currently can be done online still so that's super lucky :-)

3. Wedding Cake Booking Confirmed - Hoorah!

4. 2 months before your wedding: Good Cake Day sources materials for your wedding cake and makes decorations.

5. 1 week before your wedding: Good Cake Day confirms delivery arrangement with venue.

6. Wedding Day: Good Cake Day delivers and sets up your wedding cake on the day of your wedding.

So what advice would you give to people thinking about their wedding cake?

I have actually come up with a wedding cake checklist to help make choosing a wedding cake much easier.

So here we go...

1. Pick your wedding venue - sounds stupid but until you book a date and a venue there really isn't much point in looking at supplier just yet as you will need to be able to confirm with them their availability on your chosen date.

2. Set your wedding cake budget - be realistic, if you want a custom creation you will need to set aside enough for this.

3. Confirm how your cake can be delivered to the venue - Seems an odd point but are there any fixed delivery times you should be aware of or restrictions? For example here in London drop off times in certain city centre locations can be severely limited so your cake maker will need to be aware of this before the day so they can plan accordingly.

4. Ask the wedding venue where your cake will be displayed?

5. If you would like a buttercream cake, ask the wedding venue if the room where the cake will be displayed has air conditioning. If outdoors, will there be a fridge on site to fit the cake before it needed?

6. Find wedding cake suppliers and get quotes this helps you with your budgeting.

7. Book a consultation with wedding cake supplier or request tasters - surely the best part right?!

8. Choose a wedding cake supplier who understands and can deliver your vision within your budget - don't simply go for a cheaper quote if it isn't what you really want, this is one day you probably won't repeat so it's best to choose wisely and have what you really want.

9. Agree your cake design with your chosen cake supplier and book your wedding cake.

10. Pay for your wedding cake - many cake suppliers will accept a deposit if you are booking in advance most around 50% with the remainder due by around 4-8 weeks before the wedding date.

11. Rent/buy a cake stand - This and the next point are often completely overlooked so ask your wedding venue or wedding cake supplier if you don’t have one.

12. Rent/buy cake cutting knife - Make sure you have one of the cutting will be very interesting indeed haha.

13. Arrange for your wedding cake to be delivered to the venue - find out whether your wedding cake supplier will deliver your cake. DO NOT ASSUME THEY WILL!

14. Pay the balance for your wedding cake - If you don't pay you probably won't get it on the day.

15. Relax. Get married. EAT SOME CAKE on your big day!

Any wedding trends you are noticing this year and since COVID-19 came into play?

I may be biased but custom designed wedding cakes are continuing to be a trend and I am very happy to be a part of. Certain high street brands have even stopped their set wedding cake ranges, so I think bespoke is most certainly going to be a way forward.

I've also seen a rise in virtual weddings although I don't believe this will continue post lockdown as people are craving that social interaction in person now - think we all miss seeing our nearest and dearest now.

What about your business, how has you been operating during this time?

I've started offering online courses on cake decorating and running a business in general (finally). You can learn more about my masterclasses HERE

This last year has been so exciting as business has been going from strength to strength and I recently launched a brilliant tool for all you buttercream cake enthusiasts out there that helps you create the smoothest buttercream surface you could wish for. It's called the "Ifeoma Acrylic Cake Scraper" and you can find out more about my design HERE.

I've recently expanded my "Boujee Brownies" from one type to over 5 types of brownies. I have also offered specials for Father's day as a treat to the men in our lives.

Besides that, I created lockdown cakes which are much smaller than my standard cakes and have about 6 servings - these have been really popular and have brought lots of joy to people during these many weeks in lockdown.

In fact I would like to offer a couple of exclusive offers for Chosen Wedding Fair readers.

Firstly you can 10% OFF brownies and celebration cakes with the code "GCDCHOSEN" - This code can be inputted at the checkout under promotional codes.

But more importantly you can get 5% OFF your wedding cake with the code "GCDCHOSENWEDDINGS" - This code needs to be quoted during your initial enquiry as wedding cakes can not be brought in the shopping cart.

Please note both of these offers expire on 31st August 2020.

If you would like to follow me and keep up to date with new products and designs you can check me out at:

- Website:

- Facebook:

- Instagram: @goodcakeday

Don't forget the delicious offers mentioned above, in the meantime I have made a little video just to let you know more about me, the face behind Good Cake Day.

Much Love



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