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Wedding Supplier Spotlight: Daniel Darby Jewellery

Jewellery is so important to so many couples planning their wedding day - it isn't about the expense, or the size of the rock (well... not necessarily!), but what we find truly matters to our couples is finding a special piece that they feel really represents them and their love for each other. Today for our wedding supplier spotlight, we're introducing the wonderful talent that is Daniel Darby Jewellery. Without further ado it's over to Daniel to let you know more about his approach as well as an EXCLUSIVE Chosen offer!

I design and hand craft jewellery. I’ve always loved making things by hand and working on tiny details, which is how I began to make jewellery over 10 years ago. I did a degree in jewellery design and started selling my work on market stalls and at craft fairs. Ive been training in fine goldsmithing ever since, teaching myself stone setting, engraving, sand casting and many other traditional techniques. I enjoy problem solving, from challenging commissions to making my own tools, which can often be the only way to get just the right sized engraver or punch for a particular job. I now make contemporary jewellery with an Art Deco vibe, wedding and engagement rings and one of a kind pieces!

Outside of jewellery work I enjoy discovering new places from cycling around Germany, to recently returning from hiking in Armenia documenting wild flowers with my partner who studies horticulture at Kew Gardens. I also own, and live on a narrowboat that has needed renovating over the last few years, it’s been a steep learning curve but it had its maiden voyage last year and we’re hoping to continue to explore the UK canals soon.

Couples always seem to be really intrigued by how the jewellery is made often ask where do these exotic material come from and how do they become a polished ring?

I want to be as ethically responsible as I can, so all of the precious metals I use are either 100% recycled or made from Fair trade Gold (this gold can be fully traced back to a Fair trade certified mine). I am passionate about using beautiful natural materials and strive to run my business in a way that is as responsible to people and the planet as possible. From the 100% recycled packaging my jewellery is delivered in to the gold in a wedding band, I try to be as sustainable as possible. For the couples I work with who are searching for wedding rings, knowing their bands have been made ethically is the perfect symbol of love. All of the rings I make remade from 100% recycled metals, I am also a Fair mined licencee. Fair mined is an organisation that works with small scale mining communities to guarantee fairer, safer and more responsible working practises. choosing Fair mined gold can make a huge difference to communities producing it, Fair mined gold guarantees they get a fair price for the gold they produce, plus a premium which they can use for community projects or invest in their business. I am using an increasing number of fully traceable gemstones, sourced from mines in Tanzania, Malawi, Sri Lanka, Australia and Canada.

Wedding and engagement rings hold huge emotional attachment - it’s so great to be able to know that the jewellery that symbolises something so beautiful has been made with care from materials that we can be proud of. I love to talk through designs with couples and the different processes needed to make them. Sometimes it’s best to carve a design from wax then cast it in precious metal, other designs can be worked directly into the metal.

So what trends for the future are coming about in m industry I hear you ask. Perhaps the biggest trends can be seen in the choice of gemstone and setting particularly for engagement rings and shaped wedding bands. About three or four years ago I started using salt and pepper diamonds in my designs, they are now one of the most requested stones and seem to be continuing to increase in popularity. I love using uniques gemstones, and other alternatives to white diamonds that are finding favour as spinels instead of ruby or sapphire and tourmalines that have an amazing kaleidoscope of colours as well as bi-colour stones particularly sapphires. There has also been an increase in requests for vintage cuts of stone such as rose cut, or mine cut that give a more subtle sparkle compared to classic brilliant cut diamonds. A design trend that we are starting to see already is that more engagement rings will have the stone set across the finger in east to west orientation, rather than the traditional north south setting, it gives rings a fresh modern look. Im also seeing an increased interest in engagement rings for guys, and I'm looking forward to designing more of these soon.

I like to include couples in the design process as much as possible, We will usually begin the process of designing an engagement or wedding ring with chat via phone or email. This way I can find out what a customers vision is, I then sketch a range of initial ideas, and the feedback I receive focuses the direction of the design. Often i will source a selection of gemstones for the design, if we can’t meet I take photos and send them to the customer to choose their preferred stone. Once a final design has been approved, and a deposit paid I start to hand craft the design. At each stage of the process I will keep the customer updated and send images of progress or the techniques used to create the ring. Knowing who made your ring and seeing the techniques used is one of the best things about choosing a handmade design, increasing the connection with a special piece of jewellery.

I love to craft a piece of jewellery that is unique to the person that will wear it. It's a nice thought as I make a ring to know that it will be worn, cherished and may even be passed onto future generations. My work allows me to be creative, practical and obsessive about the details, I enjoy and take pride in getting everything just right.

I have been to a lot of friends weddings now, they have all been so different with different budgets. But they have all been amazing because they have reflected the personality of the bride and groom. I think its important not to get swept up in glossy magazine images or with worrying about impressing anyone and just focus on what is most important to you about the day. It sounds like a cliche but the big worry for wedding rings apart from forgetting them on the day is that they won’t fit! It’s important to order or commission rings in good time, the design and making process is normally around 6 weeks, and it is important that the bride and groom have a chance to try on the rings a few times so any alterations can be made, its incredible how the temperature of your hands can affect how well a ring fits. Having this key part of the wedding day sorted early takes away a lot of stress for many couples. If I was to give one piece of advice to any couple planning their wedding, I would always say the same thing - do what’s right for you! It’s your day so don’t worry about comparing yourself to other weddings.

Luckily during these strange times we are all living through I have luckily been able to carry on almost as normal, simply switching face to face consultations to phone, email or video call to maintain good communication with couples I am currently designing rings for. Many of my customers who had weddings planned for this year have had to postpone, I’ve been amazed at how calm and resourceful they have been in quite a stressful time.

As a little treat to help out all couples trying to plan their big day during these crazy times, I'd be delighted to offer all Chosen couples 10% off on all wedding rings.

To redeem the offer:

- Visit my website:

- Simply choose the rings you would like made (choose from finishes, weights and ring sizes) and add to the basket

- Go to the checkout and enter "CHOSEN10" into the discount code box and your discount will be applied.

- If you want a bespoke piece then simply contact me with an enquiry quoting "CHOSEN10"

Please note this offer apply to set designs only and orders must be made and paid for by 31st December 2020. Discount can not be applied to any other offers or items on sale.

You can also follow me on Instagram @danieldarbyjewellery

or on Facebook at

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