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Wedding Supplier Spotlight: Copperfox Planning

How’s all your wedding plans going? Are you coping ok with it all or is it just getting a bit too much for you? I know that when I got married I had so many ideas going through my head that it began to interfere with everyday life and at the end of the day it is important to preserve the happiness you currently have. So if you answered Yes it is getting on top of you slightly then todays exhibitor insights is going to help… a lot. For todays wedding supplier spotlight Emma of Copperfox Planning spoke to us about her role as a wedding planning and just what is involved with her specialism. If you haven’t considered a planner then maybe it’s time you should, so let’s see Emma’s advice.

Hi Emma why not tell our couples a little bit advice yourself and what you do.

Hi guys, so basically I am a wedding planner based in Bristol. I started my company because I love love! And I feel passionately that a wedding should be a reflection of the couples personality, often couples need a helping hand to navigate their wedding planning to make sure this happens.

It is special to me as I feel a great sense of privilege to be involved in such an incredible moment in a couples life, and helping them to create it the way they envisioned it to be!

On a more personal noteI got married in a mint green wedding dress, on St Patricks Day – which also happened to be the Cheltenham Gold Cup; So of course our wedding day included a break for the Gold Cup horserace and live betting! I love glow sticks, fizzy cola bottles and dancing (always the first and often the last on the dance floor). If I had to describe myself I would say I am cheeky, fun and love to laugh!

What is your unique selling point? What makes you stand out from the crowd?

If I had to pinpoint my USP it is that I see myself as a truly creative soul who possesses an array of useful creative skills to bring to the table, such as photography and floristry. These skills offer insight to plan an overall vision and style for the day, whilst ensuring that the couples personality shines through!

I am fun and a little bit cheeky but will always be honest when needed and overall hugely dependable; I will be there to support the couple through their planning so it is as stress free as possible, culminating in a truly kick ass wedding day that will keep their guests talking for years to come!

Why do you think brides and grooms find that so special?

I have their best interests at heart, there is no hidden agenda in my approach and I am totally down to earth. An engagement should be a time full of fun and dates, I allow that to happen so they can enjoy a stress free time, whilst I take care of all the nitty gritty that goes into planning a wedding with their vision in mind.

What sort of questions do you find that couples often ask you?

It is usually the age old classic:

“How on earth are we going to get everything done in time?!”

And my response is simple:

“Don’t worry, we’ve got this!”

Tell us a little about the process you go through with couples – how do you start?

I always start with a free consultation where we can get to know each other and find out more about what they need and what I can offer. It’s important that the couple like me and my style as we will be working closely together for the foreseeable!

From there, I will create a personalised proposal for the couple for them to consider their options and should they choose to hire me we then plan in meetings and schedule tasks at times to suit them and their wedding planning timeline.

There is always amazing fresh coffee, yummy cakes, laughter and spreadsheets (for me anyway!)!

What do you think is the hardest part of planning a wedding?

For the couples it is often researching and finding the right suppliers that match their style (as there are sooo many to choose from) and then once they are booked, juggling all of the correspondence that comes with those bookings! As a planner I can take all of this away from the couple and just leave them to the cake and wine tastings!

When planning their wedding whats the number one piece of advice you would give them?

Be realistic – the average wedding takes 250-300 hours to plan; that quickly eats into your evenings and weekends as a couple. Hiring a wedding planner could save you heaps of time, it could save you money and most importantly give you that all important stress free engagement so you can date!!

You can find out more about Emma's services at the following channels:

- Website:

- Instagram: @copperfoxplanning

- Pinterest:

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