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Exhibitor Insights: Gettin' Hitched Rocks

Planning a wedding can seem uber difficult, especially when it comes to relaying all the important details to your nearest and dearest and keeping tab on who can or can't make it. If only there was a way to relay all this information that adapts as the wedding gets closer.....

Well you are in luck as today we chat to Mell of Gettin' Hitched Rocks - a bespoke wedding website service that can be synced with stationery and is interactive to enable you to easily plan the best day of your lives.

Hi Mell let's start by finding out a little bit more about you and your business, fire away....

So firstly I'm Mell (hello) and I started Gettin' Hitched Rocks after planning (and designing and coding!) my own wedding last year.

I knew it would be much easier and faster to organise everyone through a website. I could update details if they changed. RSVPs couldn't get 'lost in the mail'. And I could show every guest exactly what they needed to know, so I could tell my wedding party about the hotel rooms I'd booked for them without the whole guest list thinking they were staying in the centre of London for free, and ask my friends with young children if they needed me to organise baby food for dinner without offending my grandmother.

So I made a brilliant wedding website, and I made Gettin' Hitched Rocks to make other brilliant wedding websites for everyone who wants a unique, gorgeous, and easy wedding and *doesn't* happen to have fifteen years' design and programming experience behind them!

We make (awesome) wedding websites that change for every guest. You can show different RSVP forms, hide ceremony details from your evening guests, and ask your wedding party to arrive early (without everyone else rocking up at 6am). In line with the website we also make (gorgeous) matching stationery, so you can carry the same design, humour, and personality across your whole wedding.

I had three guiding rules when I founded Gettin' Hitched Rocks.

Number one: don't be evil! I make sure my products and services are affordable at every level, not unnecessarily high because they have the word 'wedding' in them, I make sure the imagery and names I use are inclusive and supportive of same-sex and non-binary relationships as well as opposite-sex ones, and I give 5% of every sale to charity.

Number two: never do work I wouldn't have been proud to have at my own wedding. I only add designs to the collection that have the same time, thought, energy, and love that I put into my own wedding. (In fact, my wedding designs are in there!)

Number three: if you can work Harry Potter in somewhere... work it in! I love Harry Potter - my engagement ring is shaped like a golden snitch! - and I sneak as many references to the books in as I can on sample designs. In fact, I'm working on a marauders map themed design at the moment!

So how does the process work once you have chosen to book you service?

Our work is split into our Gettin' Hitched Rocks collection - ready-made designs which can be personalised - and completely custom designs.

For our completely custom designs, we start by going through things the couple like and getting a feel for their sense of style - we especially love seeing Pinterest boards! We suggest some colour palettes and font combinations, and then start on rough sketches for different layouts and different directions we could go in. Once the couple decides on a favourite, we develop it more and make something absolutely gorgeous.

Our collection work is a little faster, since we're tweaking a design the couple already love and personalising it with their details. We do this with real, in-house people - not with machines - so a real designer is making sure it looks gorgeous (and everything's spelt right!).

For every couple, we help with invitation wording and with what information should be on the wedding website; we know it can be stressful to work out what to have and how to word it, and we try to help wherever we can.

If we've done our job right, we've made a happy couple a little happier! And a little less stressed!!

What sort of questions do you find that couples often ask you?

A lot of couples get really excited about the idea of changing a website for different people and try to work out where the boundaries are. They ask if we can code new features and do some really awesome things. My answer is simple "Absolutely" - for me it's not only a new challenge but a real passion to bring the couples personality to life in their sites.

How do your sites effectively help the couples with their planning?

Our wedding websites really take the weight of organising the wedding off the couple. It's especially great for couples who don't have a wedding planner or who are planning a destination wedding, where they have an entire family holiday to plan alongside a wedding!

Automatic reminders to people who haven't RSVP'd, telling just the people who need to know about stag and hen dos, and organising tasks, trips, and hotels is a huge weight-off.

And being able to get save the dates, invitations, orders of service, table plans, place cards, thank you cards, and whatever else they need to match their wedding website makes everything feel glamorous and Pinterest-perfect.

Finally what top tips do you have for couples planning their big day?

The amount of forethought, planning, and organisation you have to do; there's so much involved in planning a wedding to begin with, and it's only made harder when you realise every person you talk to, from your parents to your dog-walker, has some very specific ideas about what your wedding 'NEEDS' to be like, that they will not hesitate to thrust on you.

It's easy to second guess your decisions and wondering if you're doing things wrong - but there's no wrong way to have a wedding. At the end of the day, if you're married to a person who loves and supports you, you've done it exactly right.

At Gettin' Hitched Rocks, we help keep our couples sane wherever we can by taking some of the heavy lifting off their shoulders with our wedding websites and notifications, and with our blog, where we give tips and advice (and reveal all the things other couples think they shouldn't have done).

Ultimately your day should feel like you. Don't feel you have to work down a checklist of 'how things should be'; all it 'should' be is yours, with your personality and your sense of humour.

If you enjoy the day, you've done it right, no matter what you did or how much money you spent, or what your Aunt Florence thought of the cummerbund situation.

You can meet Mel and find out more about her designs at our London Chosen Wedding Fair taking place at the Islington Assembly Hall on 29th March 2020.

For more information and to get your tickets with 20% off the on the door price click HERE

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