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5 Floral Inspired Wedding Cakes

How much do you love flowers? Are you as obsessed by all the blooms, scents and textures as we are?

If you are a floral fanatic have you considered the floral alternatives you could have for your wedding cake?

Cake designers have been pushing the envelope on what flowers can go on a cake (if at all). Gone are the days where a posey of flowers go on top of a traditional white tiered cake.

Thankfully here at Chosen Wedding Fair HQ we are always spoilt when our cake designers showcase their work at our events. When we sift through the many applications each season we love looking through each makers portfolio and are passionate about finding true talent. We have rounded up our Top 5 cake designs that have been displayed at our event this last 12 months so that you can see just how each follows the floral brief to a tee!

First up is this Chocolate delight by Chocolate Utopia Oxfordshire. When we set out looking for talent for our new Oxford event Charlotte's work caught our eye on Instagram and felt it was the perfect addition to our "family". This deisgn features a tiered chocolate cake which is then embellished with handpiped chocolated illustrated florals. This is Charlotte in her element, using Chocolate to create true spectacles like none other and what a perfect combination - flowers and chocolates, it's almost like a first date!

Next up we have this stunning piece from Anita over at The Macaroom. Anita specialises in macaroon themed cakes and there is a nod to this in this design but Anita has diversified into edible flowers over the past year. Flowers that can be eaten started garnering a lot of attention as the 2019 season went on and it is a trend that is here to stay in the interim as they offer a simple approach with dainty details that are literally "good enough to eat".

For the next design we look at a technique that is massive in the wedding sector at present - hand painted cakes. On this particular cake Emma over at Bake My Cake has used a watercolour technique to paint a wild meadow effect on the top and bottom layers of this design. She has then finished the design off with some stunning sugar paste flowers and the couples monograms on the central layer adding that personal touch. The colour palette is very complimentary and adds colour without going to bold - perfect for all you couples wishing to dip there toe into the colour pool.

This design by Cherry Tree Cakerie builds on the notion of sculpted flowers on the previous cake but actually uses edible sugar papers to craft structure that are finer and looks more like a work of art. The colour palette of this design is so beautiful and this would work perfectly with a blush wedding dress don't you think?

Our final design comes from H.S. Cake Design and goes for a slightly minimal approach so it perfect for couples looking for a contemporary yet subtle design. This cake used a marble textured fondant and then has an outline drawing of the magnolia blooms with one lone 3D bloom added for good measure. It make the cake come to life as if the bloom has grown out of the cake itself.

No matter which design is your favourite I am sure you will agree these takes on floral are blooming gorgeous!

You can find out more about each of these designer via their Instagram handles and website link listed below:

Bake My Cake: @bakemycake1

Cherry Tree Cakerie: @cherrytreecakerie

Chocolate Utopia Oxfordshire: @chocolate_utopia_oxfordshire

H.S. Cake Design: @hscakedesign

The Macaroom: @the.macaroom

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