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11 Styles of Wedding Invitations

If there is one thing we wish we had had back when we planned our day was it was having a reliable professional to design and produce all our wedding invitations for us rather than spending hours upon hours trying to design and collate the ourselves. The added stress really wasn't necessary in hindsight and reckon we would have been equally happy had a stationer taken this particular task off of our hands.

Spreading the word of your big day is the first time we felt the whole wedding process was real, I think when you send out those invitations then theres no going back from there. Luckily wedding stationery has flourished over the past decade. Gone is the necessity to use pre bought invitations when you just write in your guests name, this has now been super sized with the development of stationery suites that can be produced just for and your special day.

Today we highlight 11 of our favourites types of stationery styles that are available from our "CWF Family" and we know you are going to fall in love with them as much as we did when we were researching this post.

Watercolour illustration

Our first style uses a combination of fine line drawing and watercolour art. Watercolours have stormed into wedding over the past couple of years and it is the more contemporary approaches that have really taken off. This suite by the talented Brittany of Pigment + Paper brings together different elements from the couples big day from the wedding venue to the wedding flowers as well as a cute family portrait including their furry friend. This set is full of cheer and individual touches, what's not to love!

Quirky Colour Pops

If you love vibrant colours then this one is for you. This design is by Frome based stationery expert From Sally with Love and focus around the couples love of flora and fauna. The couple opted for a graphic design approach that incorporates a vibrant colour palette ad depicts flora elements alongside cartoon styled design of the animals they love. Remember this is you big day and if you are not into the classic muted colours that one associates with traditional wedding design don't be afraid to take the plunge and opt for brighter colours instead. Make your wedding your way.

Sustainable Suites

Next up are new kids on the block Luna & Sol Co. Design who specialise in creation stationery that fits in with the ethos of sustainability within in your wedding. This particular wedding trend has become a huge consideration for all couples getting married, particular during this lockdown period. Couples are thinking more consciously how they contribute to the environment and how they can aid the protection of the planet. Chiara and Kat source recycled papers that have amazing textures including this seeded paper that all adds to the Eco friendly approach for your special day. This particular set also nods to the papers origins with the cute seed head designs within.

Foliage Forever

Sometimes you may want to keep the colour palette of your stationery suite very minimal so the best way to do this is to concentrate by adding in more design flourishes. In this invitation by Zara Jayne Lee foliage has heavily influenced the overall design and it is the repetition of this element throughout the set as a whole that brings it together to create a piece that it very stylish. Sometimes concentrating on one concept rather than throwing tonnes of ideas at your designer leads to fantastic results. Foliage has been popular within wedding styling for a few year now and is perfect for all you Hayfever sufferers out there as you don't get the pollen if you opt for a foliage themed wedding day.

Florals at their finest

In contrast to the previous design this set goes full in on the floral elements. Using your wedding flowers in your invitations is a classic design element that has developed so much over the past decade. Think about the set as a whole and where you can add these floral flourishes. Don't forget your envelopes - getting an envelope liner that ties the design through every piece of paper that arrives through the post relating to your wedding announcement add a luxury feeling to the piece and shows you have considered the finer details such as in the adorable set produce by Cardiff based Paper Date Wedding Stationery.

Graphic Novel Inspired

This next design really goes against the subtle approach to stationery and is big and bold. It's foundations stem from the couples love of graphic novel as well as there love of the London nightlife they both adore. There are nods to Pop Art and uses a black based with pops of bright tones to make the designs come to life. This design comes from Origami Fox who as you can see specialises in the paper folding technique of Origami, so if you want an added fun element to your pieces definitely take a look at Anna's other designs.

Into the See

Our next set comes from welsh based designer Abi Lewis Design and is a must for anyone getting married at the coast. This adorable shell printed suite is a twist on the normal invitation you anticipate when the wedding is going to be happening on the beech. By opting for outline sketching in a minimal colour palette that isn't the classic navy blue and white or yellow/gold inspired by sand on the beech itself, this set shines by opting for red and navy blue to create a modern approach to a coastal wedding.

Graphic Geometrics

If there is one trend that has really punched though into fashion over the past few year it has to be the resurgence of geometrics. People love a bold shape or pattern and are not afraid to use it throughout there homes so why should it be any different when it comes to your wedding stationery. This set by Reinhold + Hazël Creative is simply glorious as it achieves the balance between having bold shapes and colours whilst remaining chic and sophisticated. Graphic geometric work required a very high skill set to get this work just right, trust me when I say that these types are design shouldn't be attempted by anyone thinking "I could easily do that myself" - you really could not. It takes a long time to get the dimension, fonts and shapes to come together to look this brilliant.

Totally Tropical

I doubt it has escaped your notice when I tell you that tropical themed wedding have become huge. This trend really took off a couple years ago and there are no signs that it is going anywhere fast, in fact I see this staying around for the future for a while if travel is set to be limited to the current pandemic we are living through. There are so many types of tropical themed invitations out there but the one we chose to highlight refrained from going overboard. Instead they have pulled back slightly and focused on a few key elements here and there so that the invitation doesn't get swallowed by the theme. This set is brought to you courtesy of London based stationer With Bells On!

A Celestial Intervention

We just love this constellation inspired invites by Midlands based Flourish and Flora Co. - it really is out of this world. The palette is minimal as is the design yet there is something so stunning about this piece that is perfect for all those couples who love each other to the moon and back. This theme is growing in popularity and we have seen some cracking styled shoots this year bringing a touch of the cosmos to the wedding industry. We can't wait to see this trickle down into real weddings even more as the results are going to be true magic.

All about the scene

Our final design focuses upon the night life feel in the "big city". This design from Paper Punks Emporium brings together the idea of graffiti art covered with if flyers to create a industrial party feeling. The happy couples are the stars of the days so of course there names are lit up in neon, after all they are the headliners! Cool, contemporary and ready to get the party started, these invites let your guests know that the party is going to be wild!

So there you have it, our 11 styles of stationery to get you started, why not take a look at each of the artists featured in more detail to find your perfect wedding invitation that you would be proud to send your loved ones.

You can find more information about the designers featured in this post at their Instagram feeds as well as their websites as listed below:

Abi Lewis Design: @abilewisdesign

Flourish and Flora Co.: @flourishandfloraco

From Sally with Love: @fromsallywithlove

Luna & Sol Co. Design:

Origami Fox: @heyorigamifox

Paper Date Wedding Stationery: @paperdateweddingstationery

Paper Punks Emporium: @paperpunksemporium

Pigment + Paper: @pigmentandpaper

Reinhold + Hazël Creative: @reinholdhazel

With Bells On!: @with_bells_on_invites

Zara Jayne Lee Wedding Stationery: @zarajayneleeweddingstationery

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