Two words I love are “Interior Design”, I swear I am a little obsessed actually. Having just spent the last few months redesigning our living room I have the bug again and the bathroom is next on the list.  However at times it can seem daunting tackling that new project as there is so much inspiration out there to choose from. That’s where today’s supplier will come in handy. Zoë Hewitt Of Stylemongers of Bristol is a specialist with a decade of experience working as a Set and Costume Designer for theatre and Art Director film and TV before switching to interior design, Zoë is accustomed to designing spaces in a range of different tastes and styles and to a range budgets. We are talking to her today to find out all about her new scheme aimed supplying a design service, post wedding, for all couples getting married in order to set up their new home together.

Newlyweds Nest colour wheels

Matt: Hi Zoë, We are intrigued to hear all about your new service, so firstly can you tell us a little bit about it.

Zoë: Sure, Newlyweds Nest is the name of my interior design service for newly married couples. I have always been a designer, initially of stage sets and costumes before I switched to interiors. It’s essentially the same job. I love it, and can’t really do anything else!

I try to find a unique design solution for every client, rather than simply giving people what is trendy or fashionable, because I don’t think that is good value. This is about creating real homes for people to enjoy living in so the schemes have to reflect the individuals residing in them.

Matt: Sounds like a truly unique experience so why do you think brides and grooms find this so special?

Zoë: It helps people get their marriage off to a good start, and is a gift that will last a long time after the wedding excitement calms down. Our surroundings really affect our wellbeing, and no one likes living in a mess or in a space where one person’s taste and accumulated ‘stuff’ dominates the other’s. So creating a balanced interior just for them as a couple is quite a special gift.

Newlyweds Nest Design moodboard

Matt: So how does the process work in relation to contact and workflow?

Zoë: My design service is correspondence based, so we put our questionnaires in a lovely gift box in the post. There’s a freepost label inside so that couples can write down all their answers and send it back to us with photos and dimensions of their chosen room. This is so that we can reach couples all over the UK, and because there is something lovely about parcels. So, we don’t always meet, but the questions I ask are carefully put together to make sure the couple really engage with what works (and doesn’t) for them in terms of their home decor. This helps me take a good brief, and if ever there is something they don’t quite like about the design I offer one free revision to ensure they are happy with it before they start getting the paintbrushes out!

Matt: What type of questions do you tend to get asked via your couples?

Zoë: They ask about how to marry different styles like industrial with something really opposite like a delicate, feminine French look for example, or it could be any combination but that’s usually the main concern. In this instance the answer is very simple, there’s always a way! Eclectic interiors are the hardest to get right without looking like a mess, but its about the proportion of each visual ‘story’. Occasionally a little compromise is needed but I promise to make sure the personality of both parties are represented in their design.

Matt: Sounds fun and I am guessing the feeling of seeing the finished designs are a real highlight…

Zoë: Absolutely! It’s what make my job so fulfilling, meeting different couples with different styles and bringing together the perfect design for them. Seeing the couple happy with the results is everything to me!

Newlyweds Nest Designs

Matt: When it comes to planning the wedding what do see as being the hardest part of the whole process?

Zoë: Probably the decision making. There are so many details and a million factors that can affect the budget, and what is a nice-to-have or no-compromise. It’s a bit like designing in that respect!

Matt: And finally before we go whats the one piece of advice you can offer to couples on the wedding day itself?

Zoë:Remember to have fun and make sure you don’t have to do too much yourselves so you can enjoy your special day!

To chat to Zoë in person pop down to our Bristol Fair this Autumn at Paintworks Event Space on Sunday 21st October 2018 – you can grab your tickets HERE