We all love knowing about and seeing other peoples weddings. I don’t know what it is – whether its just for inspiration, curiosity, out of love of the dresses and details, or seeing the sheer joy on peoples faces shared at such a happy occasion. Whatever it is, we certainly spread a few grins when we set our eyes on this lovely London wedding shoot from My Beautiful Bride Photography.

Jess and Alex_My Beautiful Bride-59

We’re always interested to see London based weddings as its home for Amy and I <Kiki here!> and has some really diverse locations for a unique wedding setting. Jess and Alex’s wedding was held at Trinity Buoy Wharf where views of the Millenium Dome and the docklands yard provide a great city setting backdrop.

Jess and Alex_My Beautiful Bride-89
Jess and Alex_My Beautiful Bride-70Jess and Alex_My Beautiful Bride-69

Its really clear to see how much of a close group of friends and family are within this playful wedding party and we cant express how good it is to see happiness shared and laughs a plenty as we do here – its a massive part of why we love what we do so much – no grumps here!

Jess and Alex_My Beautiful Bride-28
Jess and Alex_My Beautiful Bride-82Jess and Alex_My Beautiful Bride-27

Jess shares her tips with us for a seamless wedding day and we think they’re rather good ones! –

‘Don’t be afraid to ask for help! People want to, and generally love to. Get as many people involved as possible, its loads more fun that way. Don’t freak out about silly things, it’s just one day. If all else fails, just make sure you get your rings, certificate and photos; everything else is disposable!’

Jess and Alex_My Beautiful Bride-78 Jess and Alex_My Beautiful Bride-71 Jess and Alex_My Beautiful Bride-67 Jess and Alex_My Beautiful Bride-36Jess and Alex_My Beautiful Bride-92

Jess and Alex added DIY touches into their big day – the large pink roses, programme fans and personalised favour bags were all their own handiwork. We love the combination of DIY and bought items in a wedding, not only does it help stretch the budget out, it also makes things a touch more individual and personalised and you know we believe all weddings should reflect the unique and wonderful you!

Jess and Alex_My Beautiful Bride-119 Jess and Alex_My Beautiful Bride-103 Jess and Alex_My Beautiful Bride-106 Jess and Alex_My Beautiful Bride-112

Congratulations to you both you lovely pair! We can just see how fun loving and how much of a warm and wonderful group you’re surrounded by and we love it! Wishing you every happiness and thank you so much for sharing your day with us and to Michael from My Beautiful Bride for the images too!

Credits –

Venue: Trinity Buoy Wharf, 64 Orchard Pl, London E14 0JY. Photographer: Michael www.mybeautifulbride.co.uk Bride: Dress by Kuukua of Algate kuukuaofalgate@outlook.com. Headband from Accessorise. Veil + bridesmaids dresses also made by Kuukua of Algate. Brides hair and make up: Nadia Dean – nadia.a.deen@gmail.com. Grooms suit & shoes: Suit from Reiss, shoes from Kurt Guiger. Groomsmen’s  suit & shoes: Suits from Burton. Ties – Kuukua of Algate. Cake: Sweet Tooth Factory – www.mysweettoothfactory.com  Honeymoon: We wouldn’t have been able to afford a honeymoon, if we hadn’t discovered honeyfund.co.uk.  Wedding Planner: Denise Watson – denisewatson1st@gmail.com