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Our Manifesto

We’re on a mission to update the wedding world and ye boring olde wedding fayre!

We know there is a great amount of creative, innovative vendors out there and we have made it our mission to bring that talent together and help drive the industry forward by promoting contemporary makers, ideas and vision.

We don’t mind the traditional, but what we do love to see are variations, new ideas and imagination running wild whether that be in bridalwear, in floristry, accessories, in photography or any other area.

We believe in promoting fresh thinking.

We believe in the sheer unbridled talent the Uk has to offer.

We believe that Brides and Grooms deserve to know what options they have for their contemporary weddings and for those options to be freely available and easy to find.

Whats it all about? A word from our Founder

“After my Beau proposed to me I hunted high and low to find things that would fill my planning experience with fun, excitement and joy. I went to various fairs, looked around online, bought too many magazines and ended up feeling rather flat and confused. There wasn’t much that really grabbed me or screamed ‘yes, this is what you want!’ as I was told there would be. People were asking me if I was enjoying the planning experience and the truth was, as ashamed as I was to admit it, I really wasn’t.

The result? it gave me drive to push forward with Chosen Wedding.

Having trained and worked in the designer maker community for the past 10 years – and always having a rather large penchant for having creatively messy fingers – I know so well that there is an abundance of creative talent in the Uk. Not only that, already within or looking to break into the wedding industry.

The idea of uncovering this talent and bringing together a collective of creative minds who are in agreement with our manifesto fills me with absolute sheer invigorating excitement.

Over the past three years I have been lucky enough to discover and meet some really incredible talent within the wedding industry. Yet, as was the case for me, I believe that it is still difficult for Brides and Grooms to know which way to turn to find options and uncover the creativity that they may crave to help them express their own personalities for their big day. So, I have taken it upon myself to turn that around because I believe whole heartedly in two things:

1) in the talent that is out there that deserves to be seen

2) that I don’t want anyone to experience the disappointment that I did myself when I started planning our wedding.”

If you are in agreement and would like to see this turn around, making creativity and fresh thinking a mainstream in the wedding industry I ask you to simply, sign up.

We will be publishing a list of names – supporters, makers, creators, service providers, fresh thinkers, vintage aficionado’s and all of those who rock and fully intend on growing and rocking it further, on our website.

The list of exhibitors will remain on our site for Brides and Grooms to discover to help them with their planning experience. Knowing that there is an abundance of people out there who support helping them uncover alternative and contemporary options, or their own wedding style or personality, we think, is pretty darn special.

Brides & Grooms to be – Its really important that everyone in the industry knows how you feel too – if you’re in support of the #weddingrevolution. Your information will be kept private, not published anywhere or in any detail.  Please press here to sign-up.

Creatives – you do not have to exhibit with us, although we would love you to! You simply have to sign up using the form below.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. I hope you sign up soon! xo

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