Inspiring moments…

Now we’re all sorted with our directory, we’re looking for inspiration from various other places too. So, we would LOVE to see your photographs from your wedding / wedding shoot / styled shoot or engagement shoots too!

Being big suckers for a love story (we swoon and melt often!) we would be grateful if you would let us know a bit about the story, location and the feel of the shoot day itself! If you can pop this over to us at with a few sample images (final submission will require 15-20 after we email you accepting your submission) that would be lovely!

What we are looking to showcase are images that really capture what we’re all about, we’re looking for something fresh, something different, colourful and most of all, fun.


If you are looking to submit products for us to showcase, please do be aware that we may not always be able to accept your submissions as we support our exhibitors products first and foremost and we do also ask that your product supports our ethos of being bespoke or vintage designed.


If you fancy doing a guest blog post for us do get in touch – we totally hope to break down walls between suppliers, bloggers and readers so love to hear everyones voice. Again do pop us a mail with your subject proposal for the post and lets chat!

MOST OF ALL PLEASE DONT FORGET TO TITLE YOUR EMAIL: BLOG SUBMISSION so that it doesn’t get lost. Cant wait to hear from you! xo