Steam Fair Engagement Shoot: Marina & Alessio

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Now you may have noticed that we have a slight (teeny big bit) love for the retro in modern life, theres just something fab fun and well, solid about some things that have passed. I can even feel myself getting slightly nostalgic just typing about it. So I couldn’t resist posting about this engagement shoot which encapsulates our love for the vintage with a contemporary flair.


Styled by Paola (Paola de Paola Photography) and shot in Fulham London, when Carters Steam Fair was in town, Marina & Alessio’s strong personality’s and style is complimented against the bold backdrop of the fair.


As Paola said: “This is what an engagement photo shoot is all about, to be able to visually represent something that has no words but means the world”. We couldn’t agree more!



Carters Steam Fair has the flare of the past with the energy of the present. It’s a truly fulfilling experience, particularly for someone like me, who adores the revival of the vintage. Carters Steam Fair is miles away from the tackiness of mediocre general funfair. Their ethos is what makes them so unique.





I’m delighted to announce that Marina and Alessio will soon have their first baby. I thank them with all my heart and wish them a wonderful life together.”

All Photo’s by Paola:

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