Introducing: Ladybirds Flower Recipes – Session 1 – A summer handtie

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Hey peeps!

I am more than delighted to introduce to you the first instalment in a series of flower recipe posts from the beautiful and talented Emma of Ladybird flowers.

With the idea of assisting any of us who would like to know more about florals, who are on a tight budget and would like to DIY, or simply for those of us who love to have and give flowers Emma will be bringing us a wealth of information and pretty over the coming weeks.

Enjoy! xo

Hello lovelies and welcome to the first edition of the flower recipes blog!

I’ve started with a bright fresh summer hand tie, perfect for a gift or table arrangement.

These flowers were sourced on one of my many 5am trips to the wonderful New Covent Garden Market from my favourite supplier, Dennis Edwards.

As you can see the colours complement each other perfectly with subtle changes of shades throughout the flowers.


Also remember to be mindful of texture. Here we have the soft petals of the roses against the beautiful prickly shards of the thistles. Make sure you have lush greenery to add to your arrangement. Here I’ve used salal, but I also love using eucalyptus as it not only looks amazing but smells wonderful too!

First start by stripping the stems of all greenery. This allows your flowers to live longer, as when the flower drinks the fresh water it goes directly to the flower head, where it’s needed most, rather than feeding the leaves along the way


Now to arrange your flowers. There’s no right or wrong way. This is nature and how you perceive its beauty. My advice is to just go with the flow and be relaxed, it will all fall into place. With this arrangement I started with the thistle, then added greenery, turning my hand then added another flower and then more greenery and so on.


The lower down the stem you hold your hand tie whilst creating it, the looser and more relaxed it will be.

Now just get a piece of string or raffia and tie your arrangement in place. Either place it in a simple vase or box up for a beautiful gift.


I hope you’ve enjoyed your first flower recipe, stay tuned for more and if there’s anything you would like shown in detail please let me know – I’m always happy to hear from you!

Lots of love

Ladybird x

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