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Daniel and Yvonne  – a love story that could have been written for the big screen. Good love stories are always inspired by real life stories. And this story is definitely a good one.

Love That Smile Photography_Daniel Yvonne_German Wedding-01

It all began with a friendship. But not any kind of friendship – a friendship that was the best of friendships. Two people truly enjoying each other’s company, sharing life experiences by each other’s sides and simply a friendship that both could count on. At first, this is all they were – best friends. Over the years however, they saw each other in a different kind of light. All of a sudden there was more than just the friendship part. It wasn’t something that happened overnight but rather slowly and both feared “what if this wasn’t the real thing, then their friendship would be destroyed forever”. But fighting for love is always worth the risk, isn’t it? And so they did. And now I am happy to share their story of their wedding with you all.

Love That Smile Photography_Daniel Yvonne_German Wedding-06Love That Smile Photography_Daniel Yvonne_German Wedding-04

In 2005 fate knocked at Daniel’s and Yvonne’s door that led them to apply for the same university, for the same studies and to meet for the first time at the university’s student association where they both worked on the student paper together. They became fast friends and stayed that way over the years, despite the geographical distances between them after they had graduated from University, and as they both developed their professional careers. Yvonne lived in several places throughout Europe, while Daniel lived in South Germany having to travel a lot for the company’s projects. But their friendship never failed them.

Love That Smile Photography_Daniel Yvonne_German Wedding-12

Both have a great neck for travelling. Travelling and exploring the world was part of each of their lives even before they’ve known each other. Daniel’s parents took him everywhere when he was still a toddler and continued to do so until he was a grown man. He continued this trend and explored a lot of places by himself i.e. driving through the mountains of North Vietnam on a motorcycle. Yvonne on the other hand, originally born in Poland, explored the world in her own terms and can now account for 17 different addresses she has ever lived at. So it wasn’t a big surprise when Daniel and Yvonne, still only friends, started travelling together as well. On one of their many trips, after noticing that there might be more than just friendship, these two decided to give their love a real try. She, then still living in Barcelona, moved back to Germany and both started their lives together in Munich. Only a short year later, Daniel knew this was the woman of his dreams and he wanted to spend the rest of his life by her side until they were grey and old, and even beyond that. And she said YES!

Love That Smile Photography_Daniel Yvonne_German Wedding-10

Love That Smile Photography_Daniel Yvonne_German Wedding-09

Love That Smile Photography_Daniel Yvonne_German Wedding-08

Their wedding was held at an old empty train station in Solingen, Germany. It fit perfectly into their wedding theme, which of course couldn’t be anything else other than “Travelling”. The reception was held inside the old ticketing hall from the 1950s. The “backyard” still had the old platforms and train tracks, which lend itself as a perfect photo background and scenery. This is partly also why they chose this venue as they wanted something quirky and fun. So for me, as their wedding photographer, this was a perfect opportunity to experiment and Daniel and Yvonne were up for anything. It was a perfect day among friends and family that celebrated Daniel’s and Yvonne’s love and happiness and I was truly honoured to be part of this day.

Love That Smile Photography_Daniel Yvonne_German Wedding-13

Oh, and before we wrap it up here, guess where their honeymoon was? The Moroccan desert… What an amazing couple and what an amazing story. I hope you enjoy these wedding images as much as I enjoyed being part of their day.


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