Exhibitor Insights: Pompadour Lingerie

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Hey there!

Ok so Spring season’s shows are over for us and we move on to planning and booking for our Autumn shows. Our London event for October is already half booked and so I have the joy of getting all excited and letting you know more about a few of the people who will be taking part, that you’ll be able to discover on the day. Our October show for London is on October 19th, again at Islington Assembly Hall.

So, its my absolute joy to bring to you today Pompadour Lingerie who recently did a stunning shoot featuring friends and favourites of Chosen – Emmy Shoes (*swoons compulsory!*) and who will be showing with us in London in October. Sometimes exhibitors come along and really catch your eye and give me fuel to reason why I love doing what I do and the wedding industry so much! As you’ll see for yourselves, these pieces aren’t only beautiful, but quite clearly you can tell the love and care gone into making them special, to make you feel special. Beautiful. xo


My inspiration comes from a variety of different resources… Sometimes I find a fabulous piece of lace and look at it knowing instantly what I want to do with it. I think as a designer you absorb everything that you see so Pinterest or StyleSight are always my go-to places.

 Charlotte knicker

I started making bridal garters as gifts for friends which developed into a business after taking time out to have my second son. With a house full of boys I needed something to occupy myself with that didn’t involve football, Xbox or Lego! Having studied fashion design and business management I knew having my own business was the next step.


Working in the wedding industry brings you that feel good factor everyday. Research is totally fabulous! I have met so many friendly talented people in the industry whom are happy to bounce ideas off and offer advice. Plus being a part of someones wedding plans is really rewarding.

 Kym bridal garter PCL__0051

Bridal underwear is so important, whether it be functional, comfortable and supporting or sexy, luxurious and pretty for your wedding day or something a little special for your private time when you retire to your boudoir!

 RavinderCronePhotography_Pompadour_Lingerie_07 (8)

Ultimately your lingerie needs to work for you under your dress. Your dress style depicts which underwear you need. I am seeing more of a trend for brides that require more functional lingerie in the day choosing a sexy and luxurious option in their lingerie for the evening.

Henriette bridal garter

Tips for suiting lingerie to body type…be honest with yourself about what looks good on you, flatters you and makes you feel comfortable. If you don’t feel comfortable in your lingerie then it is going to show on your face and demenor. If you feel comfortable and feel sexy you will naturally exude confidence. We have a lace Brazillian style knicker called Champs Elysee which goes up to a size 16 as anything larger would not be flattering. However a new style we have launching soon is a 1950s style high waisted knicker which looks fabulous on a curvy figure. Someone who is a size 6 would be lost in this style of knicker. Our bridal garters are made to a standard size which stretches up to 22″ however we do offer a bespoke service so that the fit is just right for her on her day. (at no extra cost).

Grace Babydoll (1)

The latest collection called Grace and Charlotte use a beautiful Chantilly lace. My inspiration was for a feminine luxury collection that can be worn throughout the honeymoon as well. The silk chiffon ‘Grace’ babydoll is so light and would be perfect for a hot location honeymoon.

RavinderCronePhotography_Pompadour_Lingerie_07 (1)

Buying advice – Luxury v Budget

Everything that you buy for your wedding day is ‘special to you’ and that doesn’t change because of your budget. However the quality does vary when it comes to cost. There is a saying that you get what you pay for and this is so true.

Ask yourself these questions:

Is the lingerie that you are buying real silk? Is it Rayon or is it Mulberry silk (the highest quality silk that you can purchase).

Is it mass produced, handmade, one of a kind or limited edition?

Is this purchase just for one day, to last through to the honeymoon, an heirloom to pass down or worn for special occasions and anniversaries?

What is my budget, what can I afford? Can I wait for the designers sale event?

Whatever your budget my advice is buy the best quality that you can afford. Wearing silk whatever occasion is very special and sensual!

 RavinderCronePhotography_Pompadour_Lingerie_07 (9)


Lingerie – www.pompadourlingerie.co.uk / Photography – www.ravindercrone.com / Shoes – www.emmyshoes.co.uk and www.harrietwilde.com / Silk veil – www.annguise.com / Feather wrap – Jenny Packham at www.thewedding-club.com / Hair and make up – www.daniduffymakeup.co.uk / Jewellery – www.vintagebridalaccessories.co.uk / Model:  Cara Partridge Y2k Promotions Agency 

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