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I am an artist and a baker. It might sound odd but my art isn’t separate from my cakes: I treat cakes the same as I would a canvas, each being totally unique and always striving for a wow factor. I’m based in London and have an unwavering passion for creating unusual and luxury, hand painted cakes.


I studied as a fine art student in Bath and Cardiff for four years, and have always been an illustrator/ painter, however my cake designing adventure only started in 2010 when I decided to bake my own wedding cake. Having always been inclined to try to do things myself, I decided to make 80+ chutney’s as my wedding favors, decorate the venue with hand stitched bunting, and even arrange the flowers displays and bouquets. My friends and family thought I was crazy but it was such amazing fun. I know how important it is that your wedding day is perfect, especially being a newlywed myself. It still feels like yesterday, with friends and family still commenting on my cake now!

budgie cake

Soon after my wedding, I discovered edible paint. It was a revolution for me, a perfect match, my love of baking and the opportunity to really create something new. There is a lot of competition in the cake world, but edible paints really do add something different compared to what was already available. I like to refer to my creations as my sugar canvases! The Lorna’s Cakery venture has put to use so many skills that I already had as an artist, but being a cake baker was a profession that I’d never previously considered or even thought possible. I feel so lucky to be building a business on my passions. My husband also quite likes the fact that he gets to be my on-hand cake taster and that our house always smells utterly scrumptious!


2013 was an incredible year as me and my husband grabbed life with both hands, he quit his job, we rented our house and travelled the world for eight months. It was breath-taking. An incredible adventure of cultures, colour and people and now I’m home I have enough inspiration to last a life time from all the sketchbooks I got through! Like any artist, I am always out and about taking photographs and I doodle on any scrap of paper I can find. My cake designs are inspired by everything around me, especially the seasons; they really seem to get reflected in my work. I also love a ‘sketchbook day’, when I head to the park or to one of the many London galleries to spur on my ideas and inspire new designs and styles.

painted cupcakes

The individual design process for my hand painted cakes is very specific. I will sit down and discuss lots of different things with you. This builds up a picture for me so I can incorporate these features into the design. For wedding cakes, often we will meet up a few times over tea and cookies (homemade of course!) to find out updates, any changes to colour themes, flower choices and obviously lots of details on the dress! This process is crucial because when you are finally presented with your cake, I like to think you’ll see an abstract ‘cake portrait’, a cake designed completely for and around you.

brighton cakehttp://www.lornascakery.com/image_3

If you fancy a slice of edible art on your wedding day, or if you’ve been looking for a wedding cake that shows off your personality and is something that no one else will have, come over and say “Hi” at my stand, I’ll be the one by all the hand painted cakes!


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