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Welcome to our next edition of Exhibitor Insights – here we have the absolutely heart warming story of Jayne from Englands Finest Wedding Cars where you get not only the car, but someone comforting to support you through the most nerve racking part of your day – the journey to start the ceremony where your married life begins…

“I met Ted my future husband when I was 31 years old and he asked me to marry him three years later whilst we were away on holiday together in Gran Canaria, almost 21 years ago.  Within five months we were married and our beautiful baby daughter arrived just over a year later!


I had always wanted to set up my own business, as I had watched my parents work for themselves as I was growing up. They operated a successful wedding car hire business and had around seven cars at the peak with my mother heading the business and both my mother and father were chauffeurs.

As I am very similar to my mum with the same drive and ambition, personality and we also look similar too! it made sense that if my mother could operate a successful wedding car hire business then so could I!


I formed Englands Finest Cars in December 1995, exactly a year before the arrival of our baby girl, with a single ivory convertible at that time and completed sixteen weddings during the first year, this almost trebled in the second year and now we complete around 175 weddings in the twelve month period.

I absolutely loved my job, from the initial meeting of the recently engaged ‘bride and groom’ and discussing their specific requirements with the wedding car to actually being a part of their day, and in particular those moments with the bride just before she becomes a married lady, such a very special time!

Debra Hudson - Thornbury Castle helping out car

It was very clear to me that there were hardly any lady chauffeuse’ involved in the wedding car industry, and this made Englands Finest Cars not only very unique but also of great interest and in demand.

I decided after six years that it was ridiculous to keep turning business away as the demand had now grown so much for our beautiful cars that I was repeatedly disappointing couples as we were already booked, it was time to get a second matching car. Four years later we then purchased our third and final ivory convertible to offer a fleet of three identical cars.

All our 1930’s vintage style wedding cars have hoods and heaters and also come with the added bonus of being a convertible which results in some wonderful images. Couples also love the help and assistance I provide together with my all-lady team of uniformed chauffeuse as we are an ‘extra pair of hands’ at all those important times during the wedding – who else could you ask to sort out a garter for example that was now no longer near the top of the leg but down by the ankle?!


Over the past eighteen years we have been involved in hundreds and hundreds of weddings in Bristol and Bath, we have met some absolutely lovely brides and grooms, wonderful mother of the brides and some very emotional father of the brides too! Myself and my chauffeuse are often stopped whilst out shopping etc. by couples that we have been involved with on their special day and we are introduced to their children as ‘that lovely lady that helped mummy and daddy relax on their wedding day’….how lovely are those comments!

We look forward to continuing this service for many more years and being a part of lots more wedding days with wonderful couples.

Burrows 232

For availability and prices get in touch with me on our website and read about our ‘wedding stories’ detailed on my website and follow me on facebook for all things new!”



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