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Hello All! 

It is with sheer joy that I introduce you to one of the most stylish gentlemen I have ever had the pleasure to meet – David Minns of Brown in Town.

I also have to admit that I noticed David before meeting him as he is not a chap that goes unseen. His acute sense of style, attention to detail and glorious appearance simply leads the eye and I couldn’t possibly regard his workmanship any more highly. David’s work is amidst that which many could regard as a lost art as a majority of more well known contemporary suits often fail to offer any comparison to the cut and style that Brown in Town has become known for. 

A sharp well tailored suit is worth so very much, will last you for years if not generations to come and is a British Heritage that we should all revel in and enjoy. I know my eyes sure do enjoy! And as David says “Style is for Life, Not Just for Christmas.”

Over to David and his story. xo


Brown in town

While the majority of grooms (those with any sense, anyway) are acutely aware that they they are only in attendance on the big day to make up numbers and that it is in no uncertain terms the brides special day, I meet an increasing number who have been afforded some portion of the wedding kitty to invest in what may be the only luxury no groom should be denied; to wear a tailor made suit on the most important day of his life.

brown in town 2

And the vintage lovers know better than most that the best looking suits are those which our forefathers wore on their wedding day; invariably a three piece suit made of grey flannel or a tweed of some description. It is little wonder that such suits have stood the test of time, given they would have been tailor made and, ergo, would not have had the inlay trimmed out as off-the-rail garments do, meaning that they can be altered both by being taken-in or let-out, to suit the subsequent keeper.

Frank Mason Shoes IMG_0003

However, the nature of bespoke tailoring is that a suit is tailored to fit the individual who has commissioned the suit and for whom the cloth is said to be ’bespoken for’. So, while we may be fortunate enough to find a suit which either fits first time, or can be tailored to fit future wearers, we may not be so lucky, or, indeed, unlucky, enough to have the same shape and proportions as the previous wearer – tailor made suits are not just a some of their made-to-measure parts, but are fashioned to the contours and shape of the customer.


Finding just the right colour and pattern and weight of cloth which we’re hoping to wear on what should be the best day of our lives, can also provide time consuming and disappointing. Moreover, it can often prove difficult to find a suit which has not had the life dry-cleaned out of it, which is not itchy, which does not lack lustre or which is not moth-eaten and not a little stale.


But, owing to the sartorial revolution of the past 8 years or so, British tailoring has been enjoying something of a renaissance and tailoring abounds, as do our wonderful cloth mills and merchants from Scotland to Huddersfield and even right on our doorstep here in the South West, which is home to none other than Fox Brothers, makers of the some of the world’s finest flannel, and also Harrisons, H. Lesser and Porter & Harding to name but a few of the heritage brands housed under one roof at Lear Browne and Dunsford in Exeter.


 So, if you are allowed just one luxury on your wedding day, please do seek us out at the Chosen Bespoke and Vintage Wedding Fair this Sunday 1st February.

Best of luck..!


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